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Photo Map Your Instagram

Last night, I just updated my Instagram to 3.0. Whew, it was really cool!!!

Way before, I would checkin my location so that my friends would know my whereabouts or even discovering their whereabouts by using location-based social networking, Foursquare. Then came Twitter locating my tweets and Facebook giving locations on my statuses.

This is Geotagging - attaching your location at a specific date and time. Instagram is catching up with the bandwagon by giving us Instagram 3.0 and its new feature called Photo Map.

Photo Map puts all your photos to the map where it was geotagged or the locations where you took your snaps. And also browse photos of fellow Instagrammers according to geographic location. Only thing is, I cannot add the previous photos I have without any location on it to my Photo Map. That's why you can only see one picture above. And yeah, to those photos with locations but you don't want to share (like your home or office) you can also opt out from your Photo Map.

So on your upcoming Instagram experience, just make sure your Photo Map is ON or you can also name the exact location before you make the blast to anyone in your social network.

The 3.0 update with “Photo Map” is available on both Apple and Android devices. Another jumpstagram for Instagram. Enjoy your instagramming.



yeah ako din inupdate ko din akin ... adik ako sa instagram , kaw?

ardee sean said...

@kulapitot: hindi na gaano... pero naginstagrm pa din.. :P

SunnyToast said...

I also want to join to this bandwagon! so I need to buy a new doesnt offer this..grh!

Xander said...

nung una gumagana yan sa instagram ko pero ngayon hindi na.. ewan ko ba naiinis ako.. kahit nag update na ako ng instagram di na gumagana ang photo map.. huhuuhh