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Welcome to my life

Kamustasa? First time ko, actually meron na ko dating blog pero hindi ko na alam kung san napadpad..waahh.. Anywayz, so eto na naman tau..ang pilot episode ng bagong blog ko >>>, hopefully mamaintain ko na cia..ahahaha. The last time I thought of having this kind of 'blog thing' was when I read my friend's blog. Kasi minsan, when I think a lot, I really find time to write things going on.. nakakalat sa mga drafts, notes ng celfon ko or sa kung anong papel lng. I really find writing as parang stress-reliever, so my friend advised me to have one then. So here's now. Well I havent thought of kung paano ko ilalahad yung mga events lately na nangyari sa life ko, saka this is just a part of 'Welcoming' ko sa inyo, friends and everyone. My scripts would just follow now and then, so I hope you would come and relate and have fun into my life. So now I guess I need to say the magic word, Its showtime! hehehe... peace out :p

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