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Sendong My Heart To Mindanao

As of this writing, the Tropical Storm Sendong or known internationally as 'Washi' has left an alarming number of casualties, hitting over 1,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Let's continue sending our hearts to those families affected about this tragedy. (You can click the images for more information.)

Postcards When Traveling

Usually when going to tourist spots, you will see postcards luring you around with all the famous and favorite travel destinations the place can offer.
rdsean postcards

I thought sending them to my friends would be cool and I would really love to do it. So I ran to my Facebook to ask friends to send me their postal addresses. And luckily, I had about 10 respondents.

Well, I grew up doing snail mails for my Dad and Mom and some friends and I find it so delightful, as well as, receiving their replies. It's been awhile since then and it is my first time to do it in a foreign country, here in Singapore.

I bought the lovely postcards from a shop in Sultan Mosque. From there, I asked how I can be able to send them in the Philippines, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. I was then directed to a bell man in a nearby hotel where I can just pay the guy and entrust my postcards to be posted the next day. It was holiday when I went there. Okay. I agreed and was told about a week (or depends on the postal service of the country you are sending) that my friends will be able to receive my postcards.

rdsean postcards bell man

It's been two weeks and I thought of asking my friends if they have received my postcards, unfortunately, they haven't. I tried to ask the bell man about it but he told me he already posted it. I didn't argue anymore.

I just went back to buy another set of postcards and send them once again. I have learned that there is a SingPost, Singapore's domestic and international postal service, at Mustafa Mall near our place. So this time, I will personally do the posting.

rdsean postcards resent

I'm just so happy sending them and hopefully it gets to my friends successfully this time around.