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Guan Yin Statue and Kek Lok Si Temple

Along the way to Penang Hill, my eyes were caught in a few other structures in Air Itam. So immediately after our nice viewing on top of the hill, we walked around and passed by the Hindu Temple Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Devasthanam and also their market.

We were supposed to take the bus from Penang Hill to Air Itam market but only one bus number is designated in that area and the bus was waiting for passengers for quite some time (probably about 10-15 minutes). So we decided to walk instead. And it was worth it because we were able to take pictures of the beautiful place. (Time is gold, when watching.. bold.. :P)

When we got to the market, it took another 15 minutes to climb to our next destination. We passed through a street of souvenir shops, until we arrived at the Kek Lok Si Temple. There were a lot to see - temples, Pagoda of 10,000 buddhas and another attraction in the place is the Guan Yin statue. We had a little problem though, it was already 515PM and the inclined lift getting to the statue only have one-way ticket left and so we will have to go down by walking with another extra time. (The lift is open 830AM - 530PM. Each way is RM2 for adults while its half the price for children.)

Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas

We grab the one-way ticket and off we went. After 3 minutes, a towering 30.2m bronze statue of Guan Yin fascinated our eyes.

closeup of Guan Yin statue

I wanted to go up the stairs however when asked one of the guys who was working there, he told me it is closed for the preparation of the Chinese New Year. I just roamed around the place with my friend and enjoyed the sight seeing.

Before 630PM, all visitors should leave the temple. We we're going down already by quarter to six.


Michael said...

Hello RD! Apa khabar? Anda seolah-olah akan mempunyai masa yang besar di Malaysia. Menjaga perjalanan anda dan jangan lupa untuk membawa saya sesuatu apabila anda kembali. Tuhan memberkati!

Bahala ka na jan umintindi. LOL!

ardee sean said...

@michael: baik baik.. nosebleed myke.. hehe.. pero tanx..

Chyng said...

interesting. i tried aralin yang hand signs ng mga buddha when i was in cambodia. merong earth as witness, stop war, peace. etc. =)

pusang kalye said...

little India!!!!pero di namin nakita yung 7th pic dati ha.san banda yan?ang weird nung nakalitaw na ulo,scary na me pagka PORNISH ang dating sakin.lols

Lawstude said...

that structure always fascinate me whenever i see that on blogs and hopefully, i could see that for my self. :)