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Life Is Beautiful


Picture taken on our backyard as I reflect on kodak moments back to the past, it was all beautiful.

At first, the movie had gone so light. It was more of a romantic comedy. I've been mesmerized about Guido, the lead role, on how he handles his everyday life. He is so funny and charismatic for Dora, whom he steals – at her engagement – from her rude and loud fiancé. And who later became his wife and have a son with whose name is, Joshua.

Not until the second half of the movie, when my heart started to break piece by piece. That time Guido and his son Joshua and the rest of the Jews has been held captives over the Nazis and was brought to a penetration camp. This was the time when there was discrimination between the Jews. Learning what happened, Dora insisted to go with them eventhough she was not Jew. Right there, can't help but it was heartbreaking.

I felt for them and question what will gonna happen. In the penetration camp, Guido just to hide the 'evils of this world' from his son, told him everything was all a 'GAME' which they need to gain a thousand points in order to win the grand prize, a tank. I've seen Guido with his imaginations just to make-believe that everything was all well despite the brutalities they was experiencing brought to them by the guards. Wow, this is so brave. How good father he was to his son.. :( hayy..

Guido had shown a very unconditional love to his son which is so admiring. In the end, it was their final test and Guido had instructed Joshua everything he must do to win - to be good and never goes out on his hideout not until everything he hears is silence. And that poor boy was so calm and obedient, unknowingly his father will soon be caught by a guard and be shot to death. Huhuhu.. How sad.. it ended for Guido but it was everything for his son.

When all was at peace, Joshua finally goes out on his hideout and ironically, an American tank arrives just before his eyes to liberate the camp. Thinking they have won the game! Soon Joshua had been reunited with his mother.

This movie is really so inspiring. This all goes to every Dad who never refuses to show inch by inch of their love to their sons and daughters - Father, Daddy, Dad, Tatay, Pa, papi, dada..thanks for making life as beautiful as it could be, we love you! :P

All-Time Fave Sounds

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Image by abcnews

Here is a list of some of my all-time fave music:

(1) The Distance by Evan and Jaron
(2) Home by Michael Bubble
(3) First Love by Utada Hikaru
(4) Across the Universe by Beatles/6CycleMind
(5) Take My Picture by Filter
(6) Home by Chris Daughtry
(7) Keep on Lovin You by Reo Speedwagon
(8) Stay by Lisa Loeb
(9) Deep by Binocular
(10) Just Like a Pill by Pink
(11) Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit
(12) Girl on TV by LFO
(13) Go the Distance by Michael Bolton
(14) Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan
(15) Parting Time by Steel Dragon
(16) True Colors by MYMP
(17) Summertime by LFO
(18) All This Time by Tiffany

Eto yung mga tipo ng kanta na kahit lumipas ang panahon, I'm sure I'll be listening to them again. These are just to name a few that I could remember..

Take A Picture

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This would just be a bit, impromptu lang. Wala lang, I ran through Mugen's blog and was surprisingly strengthen because his background score is one of my faves, 'Take A Picture'. Well, I really dont mind but whenever I hear this song, I felt like I just run through hard times and got survived. And its just feels like a newborn, 'kicking and screaming'. Yeah, its good to be back.. with regained strength.. and you're up and running again... LIFE, that is..

I'd like to dedicate this song too for my sis' who right now faces some storms on her life. Hang in there, sis!

Movie Marathon at Pagluto ng Pinakbet

February 9 (Saturday) - Eto yung mga panahon na masaya mag-movie-marathon.

Eto yung list ng papanoorin namin ng hausmate kong si JB.
(1) Life is Beautiful (Italian) - as suggested by our friend, Hammie
(2) Because I Said So - because eto ang sabi nila
(3) Life or Something like it - I'm a Jolie fan :P
(4) Fantastic 4 - 1 and 2

'Pinakbet' ang ulam namin ngayon. Sabi nila, pag Ilokano ka, alam mo dapat magluto ng Pinakbet kaya eto i-share ko lang din ang aking malupit na recipe.. Walang kokontra!! oh basta eto yun..

bawang, sibuyas, kamatis (madami kasi fave ko), bagnet (yan ang pangsahog namin), bagoong, patani, okra, ampalaya, talong, repolyo

1. Gisahin ang bawang
2. Pag brown na yung bawang, ilagay ang sibuyas
3. Isunod ang kamatis
4. Lagyan ng bagoong
5. After mga 5 mins, ilagay ang bagnet
6. then gisa-gisa lang..
7. Pag medyo feel mo na, lagay mo patani
8. Gisa-gisa.. Then sunod-sunod na yung talong, okra, ampalaya
9. tapos lagyan ng tubig, yung mailulublob yung mga veggies
10. pakuluin.
11. lagay ang repolyo.
12. pakuluin lang.
13. Pag naamoy mo na ang masarap nyang aroma, game na tsibugan na..

Yun lang! Oh di ba, ayos ba?!

Puerto Galera Itinerary


February 8 (Friday) - Natanggap ko yung email about sa itinerary for Puerto Galera galing kay BJ-san. Ang kulit!

"ATTIRE: Pwede 2 pcs sa girls (haha), beach short sa guys, or bahala na kayo kung ano gusto nyong suotin, pwede ring wala na rin kayong suotin para agaw eksena kayo. Syempre wag kalimutan ang mga towels, sabon, at iba pa. alam nyo na yun. hehe "

"REMINDER: Kung di marunong lumangoy wag lumapit sa dagat dun n lang kayo sa room sa CR maligo tubig dagat din naman yun. At wag nyo lagay sa bulsa nyo ang inyong cellphone kapag lulusong sa dagat, kung ayaw nyo matulad skin hehehe."

Yung mga di marunong lumangoy, eto ang kanta para sa inyo...

Kapit ka sa akin, kapit ka sa akin
Di kita bibitawan...

*Dinner to the Max with Kteru, Danieru, and Lady-san


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February 6 (Wednesday) - I was reading an article at CNN about an Uncle who dropped a boy to save him when one of my friend greeted me Happy Chinese New Year, 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' as he said me.. I started net browsing facts about Chinese stuffs particularly about these zodiacs and what about it. The whole day, I and my colleagues was just talking about it.

I was born in the 'Year of the Dog' and according to,

Occupying the 11th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog symbolizes character traits such as loyalty, compatibility and kindness. Dogs frequently offer kind words and useful advice, always listening and lending a shoulder when necessary. Dogs often become deeply involved in others’ lives and are sometimes perceived as nosy. Ensuring others are happy is more important to the Dog than wealth, money or success.

Dogs are determined individuals; always wanting to master a new subject before moving on and always finishing what they start. Dogs value friendships; they’re loyal, honest, trustworthy and reliable and have strong morals and ethics.

A well-kept, organized home is very important. Keeping a clean home and helping at work stems from the Dog’s need to be active and involved. Dogs spend money wisely, passing on luxury goods in favor of practical items. Dogs also prefer saving money to cover future expenses.

Dogs at times can also be temperamental, narrow-minded and stubborn. When this happens, the Dog takes off alone in order to make things right again inside its head. Dogs can benefit by learning to relax and being more rational.

A happy Dog is a healthy Dog and it’s easy to tell by the Dog’s sad or depressed appearance that it’s not feeling right. Dogs are resilient, especially when fighting illness.

Although Dogs are trustworthy, they have trouble trusting others. It can take a long time before a Dog feels at ease with another person. When Dogs don’t build trust they’re judgmental and rough towards others.
When it comes to romance Dogs often have a tough time. Others are often scared off by the Dog’s insecure, worrisome and frequently anxious nature. Dogs are known to be cold emotionally and critical.

Coworkers can always count on Dogs to help out, especially if it means the Dog will learn something new or alleviate the workload of others. Dogs are seen as valuable employees. Good career choices for Dogs include: police officer, scientist, counselor, interior designer, professor, politician, priest, nurse, clerk and Judge.

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