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Christmas 2009

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Kahit Super Busy sa opis, eh nagawa ko pa ring maghanap ng aking xmas wallpaper. simple lang pero para sakin rock. kaya pati sa haus eh ganto din ang aking wallpaper.

sa ofis man kami nagsisimbang gabi, eh feel pa rin naman namin ang krismas. ayos lang, for friendship.. pero syempre ngayon, dito na ko province spending the season with my family as always...

Anyweiz, just wanna greet you all guyz, a hapi2 xmas and meri2 new year. May the spirit of Christmas bring you love, joy, and blessings to you and your family.

Double the happiness. Life is short.
Happy Holidays :)

Hardy for Ardee

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We had fun last Saturday at Dapo where our IS/IT Christmas party was held. But I was kinda hiding because I didn't want to participate on the games. Yeah, as always, I'm KJ. So there -- I admit it. Now, shut up. :P All I was waiting for was the raffle draw with major prizes such as blender, washing machine and a 21' television set. Well, last year, was gadget themed raffle, this year it's home appliances raffle.

Minor prizes were also given from noche buena baskets, to wines, from gift cheques, to cash, etc.

..and that it didn't stop be from getting hardy. :P

you wanna find out why? bwahaha..

well, that's because I won this...

Living A Condo Life

Sometimes the beauty of living in a condo is only seen just when you wake up every morning...

spectacular sunrise taken at GA Tower

Xmas na! Merry-galo ka na?

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Parang kailan lang, eto xmas na naman! Grabe, bilis. Dati alala ko pa sobrang naaliw ako sa dinadaanan ko pag umuuwi, dahil sa mga parol at iba ibang palamuti na binebenta nila. Sobrang ramdam na ramdam mo na ang pasko kahit nobyembre pa lang. Ngayon, eto na naman sila. Nagbibigay aliw sa paningin dahil sa mga pinapamalas nilang galing sa pagdisenyo ng iba ibang mga parol. Mas dumami at mas kakaiba ang mga ginawa nila.

Nakakatuwa naman talaga. Pero isa din tong reminder sakin na kelangan ko na din palang maglista ng mga reregaluhan at mga ihahanda para sa Noche Buena.

Gifts sa family, sa friends, sa pamangkin, at mga inaanak
Monito-monita sa ofis at pang exchange gifts
At least, makapamahagi din sa less fortunate kids

Ang tanong: merry-galo na ba ko sa kanila?
Nyayyy.. wala pa. Mukhang rush na naman to.

Kayo meron na?

Movie Marathon For One

Yes, I had a movie marathon all by myself. It was a total restday for me and I spent it just by watching the movies I have downloaded the previous days.

I wasn't bit lonely, I guess.
But it happened that the movies I randomly picked up was a bit sad. :(

Requiem For A Dream (2000)
- speaks about the lives addicted to different drugs that cause their imprisonement in a dream world of delusion and reckless desperation, which is then overtaken and devastated by reality.

The Color Purple (1985)
- the story of a young African American girl named Celie and shows the problems faced by African American women during the early 1900s; including poverty, racism and sex discrimination. In the end, God works on miraculuous ways.

The English Patient (1996)
- depicts a critically burned man, at first known only as 'the English patient' but slowly revealed that he is in fact a Hungarian geographer, who has very intense affair with a married woman ultimately brought about his present situation.

Image by Wikipedia.


Uso sa opis?

Aside from the time I spent with Multiply, I've been having a few sessions on DOTA with my colleagues, at the moment. I don't wanna say I'm addicted to it but I guess, I kinda am. :P

I thought I've already graduated on these PC Games.

It was back in college when I had too much fun on CS and Diablo. It was like no days without screaming at war in CS and no nights I'd sleep without thinking how am I to finish my quest in Diablo.

For me, RPG Games that came after was no more to be noticed because I knew I was getting too old for that anymore. I always see my younger siblings playing the game but I just ignore it.

Not until now.. Wahaha..

I was so newbie about it. But now, it's better, I could get used into it.

The game is easy as long as you got time to read. For me, I'm still a bit lazy reading whatever it is to read..errrrr..

The Power In Me

Light comes to us unexpectedly and extraordinary..

This month marks another year in my life...
And here's the light for another year round and more years to come..

It doesn’t matter for how long the room has been dark;
For a day, or a week, or a year, or for ten thousand years.
The moment you let your light shine; darkness vanishes like it was never there.

Similarly, it doesn’t matter for how long we are stuck in a sense of our limitations.
The moment you decide to break free, nothing will stop you.

World Music Room

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I'm a newbie and was just playing around Photoshop. Anyway, here's what I got. [>_<]

How To Write A What?!?

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Kumusta naman ang ads sa aking sidebar...

I haven't written one of my own..

Does this tell me I should have one? wahahah..


I guess I need to join them at RedRoom.Com

Lutong Ardee

Kamakailan, dumating ang aking pamilya sa aking tinutuluyan. Nasa finishing phase na ang aming project, pero naudlot dahil mas ginusto kong asikasuhin sila lalo na tong makulit kong pamangkin na si Jelo. Sobrang energetic at bibong bata, at para lang kaming magkasing-edad kung mag-usap. andaming gustong gawin, daming gustong puntahan, daming tanong at daming kwento. Andami-dami. Isama pa ang pagiging adik nya sa digicam.

Since nandito sila at nagcracrave ako ng mga pagkain samin eh ayun pinaghanda ako ng Mama ko ng masarap na dinengdeng. Sobrang nabusog na naman. Dami ko na naman nakain. Wahaha. Tapos, kung ano-ano pa ang pinagshopping para sakin. Hayy..akala ko aasikasuhin ko sila.. si mama talaga, sobrang ako pa ang inasikaso.. :D

Nakabonding ko din ang dalawa kong sis about their whereabouts and mga other relatives namin dun sa province. Nagpaiwan pa nga sila for a day and syempre it was my time at ayokong hayaan na umalis sila na hindi nila matikman ang aking hinanda.

Ang lutong ardee..pinakbet :P

Sensya wala akong pic nung dinengdeng, naunahan ako ng gutom at naubos ko agad.. wakokok..

*Dinengdeng - Ilocano dish with various veggies classified with bagoong(of fermented fish)-based soup. Depends on you if you want to add leftover fried fish, or other meats.

Job Activity

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USE msdb ;

EXEC dbo.sp_help_jobactivity
{ [ @job_id = ] job_id | [ @job_name = ] 'job_name' }
[ , [ @session_id = ] session_id ]



To check the status of the sql job depending on the id or job name or session id that you will provide. You should be a member of the sysadmin to be able to execute this stored procedure.


House Party Friends

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One night, my friends and I went to a house party which I really enjoyed. It was all crazy and fun. Booze all night. Non-stop music. Beau friends. Whereelse? But when we called the night, I was a bit tipsy and this girl came up to me and started carressing me. It was normal for me doing handshakes, embraces and smack to friends. She was just so aggressive that she moved on me until she kissed me so long but I still dint mind. But after that incident, she was getting even closer and closer to me which I felt like she might think that I wanted "us". For me, that was just a kiss and we're just friends so I'd stick to what I feel for her. My worry is that she might expect more of me than just a friend and I don't know how to tell her what I feel. I'm concerned and I don't want our friendship to go.


Just because lips have met doesn't mean hearts have joined... sabi nga nila. Usap kayo if she gives you another chance to talk about it. Much better pa yun kesa lumalim pa yung nararamdaman nya sayo na taliwas naman sa nararamdaman mo sa kanya. Just make it clear after nung usap nyo it doesn't change things on your part, yung feelings mo ganun pa din. If it doesn't work that way on her part, yun na yung catch. You be ready whatever that is, kung di kaya, then that's another story.

Off The Road

album launching
tanx for the help, Paris! :P

billboard at central park

picture frame

wehehe.. nawili lang ako..kasi uso sa works..ngaun lang nakiuso..

here are some links, try nyo rin..

Ber Na Ber

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Uu, 'ber' month na nga.. Umpisa pa lang ng September, naguunahan na naman sa TV ng mga kung ano-anong palabas para mapaghandaan siyempre ang krismas. May mga countdown na at kung ano-anong tips kung anong magandang palamuti sa krismas tri. kung ano ano na lang.. Hayy naku. Kulang na lang simbang gabi na. Basta ako, uwi ako sa amin. Masaya ang pamily pag gantong okasyon. Dis wer da wat da deyrs dey was the uhmm..Im so sorry. Ahahah. But I said, my family are the ones who makes me happy.

Pero teka wag nga muna yan, madami pang nangyayari at pwedeng mangyari. Daming iniisip. Tulad na lang ng kung kelan ang susunod na holiday. Kaso lugmok talaga kasi batay sa aming listahan ng holidays, eh wala na. :( Uu, as in zero. Sa December pa yung next. waaah, tagal naman. (inalala talaga) Sige na, wala tayong magagawa kundi ang abangan na lang ang yearend, syempre masaya kasi 2week-long yun. Bwahaha!

Wait Forever


I know our world won't meet, but life is short and so there's no stopping me ...

yes, i wont WAIT FOREVER from letting you know that YOU got a space in me..

..whatever it is that life would bring us.. at least we tried...'s for both of us...

hindi ako lasheeng... :P

Anyways, here's a song from Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano who'll say it all ..

Standing on the great divide
Feel the sudden need to fly
Underneath the open sky
And the river down below

I could keep on running down
I could keep on cheating death and yet somehow
It all ends up the same
And i don’t want to be the one who’s blamed

Can you see that i don’t really have a choice at all
If only for a taste flight
I’d gladly take the fall

So, i say i love you
I don’t wanna wait forever
Just to say, i need you
Doesn’t even have to matter
If it really matter anything to you

I’d gladly take this ride
As long as you are there on the other side
Not making sense at all
Of making sense of it all

So while i can, i’ll take the chance,
I’m diving in
If you need me, i will die –
To feel alive again


I’m falling like
I’ve never done so before
I’m flying against the wind
And here i go


I love you so (i love you), i need you
It doesn’t really matter (no, it doesn’t really matter)
If it really matters anything to you
I love you...

Gulugod Garden

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Design By Louie :p

Pahinga muna...

Relaks muna...

Masaya lang...

Pagkatapos ng ungos,

mayroong magagandang bagay dako pa roon..

Sali ka lang.. okay dito..


sariwang hangin..

magandang tanawin...

walang problema..

namnamin ang kagandahan

kasama ang mga kaibigan..

Punta tayong lahat..

at sabay sabay....

And I found a very special love in you
It's a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over, it's burning inside
And I found a very special love in you
And it almost breaks me in two
Squeezing me tighter
But I'm never gonna let go...


Sa Rurok ng Kaligayahan

Magnificent view from Gulugod Baboy

August 17 (Sunday) - After a hard day's climb, we have finally setup our camping site atop the mountain of Gulugod Baboy.

Gulugod Baboy at sunset

Sobrang nakakatakot at nakakapagod ang pag-akyat namin pero as others would say, it was still a fun climb dahil kasabay ng mga hinanaing namin eh nandyan din ang tawanan at biritan ng mga kwelang kasama namin na sina Allan, Louie, Ron, Rodel at Rolly. Sobrang napawi ang hirap at pagod namin, kasi sa tuwing may stopover eh feeling ko parang nasa laffline lang kami sa mga oras na yun.

Gulugod Baboy at sunrise

The waters around Gulugod Baboy

Atop Gulugod Baboy is a 360 degrees marvelous view of islands and waters and Mt. Pinagbanderahan. Thank God, the weather was fine. Malakas ang hangin sa tuktok pero buti hindi umulan. And right timing din because it was a full moon. So parang, it was all made up for us to enjoy our stay and sobrang maligaya kami dahil nawitness namin yun sa rurok.. sa dako pa roon.. :P

"R U Set" For Long Weekend

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It has been a busy week for me that's why I was so looking forward for a long day off just in time for the holidays that includes Monday (August 18), Ninoy Aquino Day and Tuesday (August 19), Quezon City Day but this has yet to be confirmed.

I wanted to do something. Something different. So I could replenish myself/my strength away with all the bustles of the city life (sabi nga ng isang tinatayong condo sa may amin).

Then came this itinerary,

I was so interested but at the same time I wasn't that sure. I'm not prepared for such trip as of the moment and I was thinking no time that I could accomplish all the necessities for the climb.

When I received a confirmation from my email that it's a non-workday for Monday and Tuesday, then there was no stopping anymore..

I gave it a GO. Thanks to my sponsors (hehehe) and a rush shopping last Saturday.


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Today is 888.

So, what's with the number 888?

Well, according to Chinese numerology, 888 means three times the prosperity.
While the Bible says, its the number of Jesus.

Whatever it is, today is Beijing Olympics 2008. It's really great and amazing what they have prepared for this much-awaited event.

Here are pics of the Beijing Olympic Gardens got from my email..

Sarap ng Cake

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Parang usong-uso ang birthday ngayon.
Halos araw-araw na lang kaming nagdiriwang.
Sobrang kabusugan na naman.
Daming mga putahe.
Hindi naman sa nagrereklamo..
sabagay nakikitikim na nga lang kami
ah hindi pala, nakikiubos pala..hahaha

pero sobrang enjoy pa rin ako sa ice cream. :P
ang saya-saya talaga.
basta, happy bertday na lang sa inyong lahat.
binusog nyo talaga kami..

may natira pa, pwede pang papakin.

Ah hindi pala to yung cake na kinain namin, kay boss Jon pala to. heheh..

P10 Add-on Taxi Fare

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Just heard an additional increase on taxi fare, but I'm still wondering what's with the raise and how its gonna be.

I tried riding a taxi/cab going to office and I asked the driver if he has any sticker or registration or whatever proof he has that he is authorized for the additional fare, and he simply answered, 'Mahal na din po kasi gasolina'.

After work, I tried browsing the net about the taxi fare and here's what I got.

July 25 was the start of the implementation of this increase, but the LTFRB have issued stickers even earlier so as to cater all the taxis. But then, they are not allowed yet to ask for add-on fare. Now the thing is, the taxi should also have their stickers first before they ask you for an additional fare. Any violations on this, the taxi would be fined for 1000.

Dark Knight Unleashed


Now in theaters..

Why so serious?!?

Relax... See who the DARK KNIGHT is.


The Dark Knight beats the millions of Spiderman-3 last year, smashing the weekend record set selling an estimated $155.3 million worth of tickets. This surpassed the $151.1 million for "Spider-Man 3" during its first weekend in May 2007.

Ledger's performance as the Joker was really superb!

What's on the mind of Ardeeboi?

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Anong nasa isip ko ?

hindi lang yan..
meron neto.. eto.. eto pa..

Dahil hindi ko winoworry ang dandruff.
It's time to move on.
It's time for CLEAR.
Babalik ka pa ba sa napaglipasan na?


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Lately, napaparatangan ako na mahilig magbitaw ng salita na may double meaning. Kesyo sa madaming kadahilanan pero pano pa tong mga susunod na aking ikwekwento.. heheh :p katuwaan lang..

Nagkaroon ng konperehensya ang 'Crazees' at 'Evils' para pagplanuhan ang pagsasanib pwersa. Dahil matagal na din kasing hindi nagha-house party at nagbbjoke eh napagisipan nilang magsetup para dun.

Kaso medyo naiilang yung iba, dahil sa wala naman daw silang boses. Pero sabi naman ng iba, wala naman sa boses yan, nasa performance naman. So ano ba ang criteria para dun, eto yung mga napagkasunduan namin..

1. paghawak... ng MIC...sabagay sa tindig at pagdala ng mic, eh makikita talaga kung gaano mo kagamay ang stage at kung gaano mo gusto yung ginagawa mo.
2. pagbuka.. ng bibig.. eh kung ayaw mo nga naman bumuka ng bibig, paano ka pa kakanta?
3. paghug0t... ng hangin... eto yung medyo kritikal. dahil syempre paghahandaan mo yung mga medyo mahirap na parte ng kanta, kailangan ng sapat na hangin para sumakto at tumugma sa rhythm o harmony ng isang kanta.
4. paglunok.. ng laway.... kung hindi lulunukin, baka kasi mabilaukan ka. masira tuloy yung performance mo.

So far, yan pa lang naman. Meron pa ba kayong iba?
Pero wait baka isipin nyo na naman, double meaning. Kayo lang nagiisip nun, basta sakin wala talaga. Sige, highlight nyo na lang nyo criteria part para malaman nyo. heheh..

Humanda Para Kay Dalja

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Sa mga panahong ako'y nabubugnot at natotoxic galing trabaho, wala akong ibang mapagbalingan kundi ang panonood ng telebisyon. At dahil wala kaming cable, no choice ako na maging Kapuso though okay lang naman maging isa sa kanila. Walang isyu sakin yun, ang importante sakin eh basta ba matutuwa ako sa aking papanoorin.

Sa tuwing ako'y dumarating sa unit, halos palagi ang aking naaabutan ay ang Dalja's Spring. Sa totoo lang, wala naman akong hilig sa mga Koreanobela, o sa kung anu-ano pang nobela. Ngayon lang. heheh

Well, nakakatuwa kasi tong si Dalja, isang 33 years old na matandang dalaga, na parating nag-eekspek. Makulit siya pero sobrang natutuwa ako sa kanya. Ayun, kung dati eh parating umaasa siya, ngayon humanda na daw ang Pilipinas dahil ang pagibig sa pagitan ng ating dakilang Dalja at Philip Khang ay sisibol na. Si Philip Khang naman ay isang bachelor na 27 years old na sa simula ay naging panakip-butas lamang na binabayaran ni Dalja. Maging totohanan kaya ang kanilang pagmamahalan sa huli? Eh natatakot pa naman tong si Dalja na masaktan. Mas gugustuhin nya nga bang maging malungkot? Well humanda na nga lang.

Naalala ko tuloy ang isang kong kaibigan, na hinahanapan yung friend din nya na girl ng 27, single at okay na guy. Hahaha, isang Dalja din ba yan? hehehe..peace..

Da Block Game

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This block game is really cool. The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage. There are 33 stages to complete.

Medyo nakakaadik lang at medyo nakakapasigaw. Kasi naman sinasadya mali ang hulog..wahaha.

We're on Stage 21 at the moment...

File Transfer under Admin Account

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Now time to transfer my files from old HDD to the new one.

As so you know, my old HDD is on XP and had a few user accounts and of course, the important files I have, was kept in the Administrator account. Little did I know, it would cause me some delay on the process.

Initially my old HDD was set as a slave and when I tried copying the files from the Administrator account, I always receive an error "Access Denied".

So, I immediately set my old HDD as master so that I could boot up and manually configure the user accounts. But it fails, and fails for another try and it always kept me on this options:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Last Known Good Configuration
Start Windows Normally

Now I'm in trouble. I'm left with two other options.
1. Look for some other PCs that would match my hard disk. Or
2. Do some thingy on the folder rights.

I did swear I din't wanna have other accounts anymore but thanks to WinXPTutor's XP Resources for giving me the enlightenment. I never thought things would go such easy. I need not look for someone that has the same match with my old HDD. I just had to do some configurations on the folders need to be transferred/copied. Actually there are a lot of resources from the net about this. Now, I can finally move on. :P

CPU: A New Hope

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External Drive Bays: 4 x 5.25" and 5 x 3.5"
Internal Drive Bays: 2 x 3.5" H.D.
Fan Set: Rear 12 cm
ATX Form Factor 12" x 10.5 " or smaller
2X USB 2.0 Ports / Audio Jack
470x200x430mm (W,H,D)
Standard ATX 7 slots
WINPOWER ATX 500W (20+4)

Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Desktop Processor
Intel E2180 (2.0G) 1mb 800FSB PDC
Cost: Php 3530

Asus P5KPL-VM G31 1333/Vpcie/S/GL
- Intel® LGA775 Platform
- Intel® Core™2 Quad Ready
- Intel® 45nm CPU Ready
- FSB 1333/1066/800 MHz
- Intel® G31/ICH7
- Dual channel DDR2 1066(OC)/800/667
- 6-channel High Definition Audio
- EZ Flash2 & CrashFree BIOS3
Cost: Php 3350

Cost: Php 1250
160gb Seagate Barracuda SATA
Cost: Php 2250

Init sa Taglamig

Kung dati ang post ko ay tungkol sa Init sa Tag-init, ngayon panahon na para sa Init sa Taglamig.

Well, nagising ako ng mga alas singko ng madaling araw hindi dahil sa lakas ng hangin sa labas. Tumayo ako at napatingin sa aking bintana. May bagyo pala. Tsk. Tsk. Umuungol ang kalangitan. Tila nagtatampo. Nananadya. Nagsara ako ng pinto sa may likuran namin, ngayon ko lang to isasara uli. Mahirap na.

Medyo gininaw tuloy ako. Hindi na ko makatulog. Parang ang sarap manggigil. Konting himas-himas at payakap yakap sa mga unan. Hayy..

Nagmuni-muni na ko dahil lalabas pa rin ako ng bahay para kunin ang padala ng Mama ko. Sinuong ko ang malakas na ulan, dala-dala ang payong na hindi din tumagal at nasira. Iniwan ko na lang sa may tabi. Sa mga nadaanan ko, madami ding bumigay na poste, billboards at kung ano-ano pa. Grabe ang mga pinsala. Pagbalik ko ng bahay, basang-basa ako at nilalamig pa din. Hinubad ko na lang muna damit ko para magpunas-punas. Medyo dinaan ko muna sa pagtratrabaho sa bahay para lang mapawi ang nagyeyelo kong katawan. Tapos naligo ako, syet, ang lamig din pala ng tubig. Waaah.. Pakiramdam ko magkakasakit na ako. Ahhh.. Kelangan ko ng mainit.. Kelangan ko makaramdam ng init sa katawan. Anong gagawin ko? Wala pa naman akong kasama.

Huh?! Teka lang.

Ayun, pagkakataon ko na to!

Buti na lang nakahanap ako.. noodles at niluto ko agad gaya ng dati kong recipe (with egg) at nang makahigop ako ng mainit-init na sabaw. Walang kasing sarap. Tumpak talaga sa panahon. Kelangan ko lang pala ng mainit na sabaw.

Pagibig na Kaya

"Mula ng makilala ka aking mahal,
Di ako mapalagay sa kakaisip ko sayo.."

"Maging sa pagtulog ay panaginip ka
Pagkat ang nais ko sana
Kapiling ka sa tuwina.."

"Ano bang nakita
Ng puso kong ito sa yo?
Kapag ika'y kasama
Anong ligaya ko sinta"

Katulad ng mga kataga sa isang kanta, ganun din ang aking nadarama pag kasama kita.

Nung una pa lang kitang makilala, alam kong ikaw na.
'Sa wakas, nakita ko na ang buhay ko na nasa tahimik..'

Simula nun, walang araw na hindi kita inalala. Tineteks para lang matiyak na nandiyan ka. Kung pwede nga sanang kasa-kasama na lang kita parati. Sa madaling sabi, naging karugtong ka na ng buhay ko.

Nasundan ang mga minsan nating kasiyahan. At habang tumatagal, lalo tayong nagkakalapit. Pero habang tumatagal din, lalong nagiging mahirap. Yung tipong nakakasikip sa dibdib. Yung parang may kirot. Katulad na lang ng pag umaalis ka, hindi ko na alam kung ano ang aking gagawin. Parang ayaw kitang pakawalan. Parang gusto kitang pigilan, kung sana pwede lang..kung sana pwedeng tumigil na lang ang oras para sa atin..sana dito ka na lang..dito sa tabi ng puso ko..

Alam kong baliw na ko sayo, mahal kita at alam mo yan.

Pero ewan. Puro sana na lang. bakit ganun? Kung kelan sigurado na ko.

Anong kelangan nating gawin? Tayo ba talaga gagawa nun, o ako lang?

Sige, tingin ko.. ako na lang muna sa ngayon. Kelangan ko lang naman turuan ang puso ko na hindi pwede maging tayo. Posible naman yun diba? Kaso paano, parang mahirap din ata.. mas mahirap kesa mahalin ka.

Hoy, gising ka na! hanggang kaibigan ka na lang muna. saka na pag pwede na siya.

Lintik na pagibig..

Pinoy Superhero

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Ang post na ito ay tungkol sa ating bansa. Alam kong super delayed na to para maihabol pa sa 'Araw ng Kalayaan' pero kahit ganun pa man, wala naman pinipiling oras pagdating sa usapan tungkol sa ating bansa.

Ewan ko kung pano nagsimula ang seryosong usapan namin ng ERS team,.

Ang topic namin: ang mahal nating Pilipinas.
Kumusta na ba? Ano na nga bang nangyayari?

Ayun, normal naman. Patuloy lang ang pagtaas ng mga bilihin.
Tapos ang gasolina pumapatak na sa sisenta. Dahil dito marami na ngang gumagaraheng sasakyan, so mawawala na kaya ang trapik?
Mga krimen na laganap pa din. Karumal-dumal ang mga nangyaring massacre sa Laguna.
Ang pangingidnap kay Mareng Ces.
At ang wala na atang kasagutan na CORRUPTION.

Ang pinaka-kawawa: ang mga manggagawang Pilipino at ang mga mahihirap na patuloy lang na naghihirap.

Yung mga iba, tumigil na sa pagasang malutas ang kahirapan sa buhay. Yung iba naman, naglipana sa ibang bansa para hanapin ang kaginhawaan. At iba rin ang nakikinabang sa kanila.

Hayy, kelan ka ba matatahimik?
Pilipinas, may laya ka nga bang lumipad? O tuloy lang, na ikaw ay magdurusa?

Uso ngayon ang mga superhero. Sana nga may Pinoy Superhero na maglalagay satin sa tamang ayos at lilipol sa lahat ng mga masasama. Ang mga mandaraya. Ang mga manhid at makakapal ang mukha na corrupt.

Umayos naman kayo diyan. Magtrabaho kayo ng tama at legal. Kung ayaw nyo, umalis na lang kayo diyan.

Sabagay, kahit sa sarili nating paraan magagawan natin ng kalutasan ang problema ng ating bansa. Maging patas tayo sa kapwa. Ipaglaban natin ang wasto..ang tama. Alam kong may natitira pang Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo at sino pa diyan na magsisilbing ilaw sa ating kinasadlakan.

What Happens When You Get Drunk


Matagal tagal na din akong hindi nalalasing. Hindi na tulad ng dati na to the maxx talaga pag uminom. Yung tipong hindi mo na namamalayan ang lahat-lahat. Yung parang lutang sa kawalan.

Back in my younger years, kanya-kanyang trip ang tropa pag nalalasing. May isang masyadong makapag-emote na parang teledrama ang buhay, daig pa ang 'Maging Sino ka man'. Yung isa naman kwento ng kwento at madaming pang kwinekwento na minsan wala na din talagang kwenta.Yung iba naman, nagkakamabutihan at nagshe-sharean ng kasweetan. Yung isa, hindi na makatayo at parang sanggol na kung kumilos pabalik ng higaan. Yung weird naman, nasa banyo, kunwari mag-c-CR daw pero ni hindi na lumabas dahil nakatulog na pala sa bowl.

Masaya. Everybody happy lang. Riot. Basahan. Pagdating ng umaga... pagmulat ng mata, langit nakatawa.. Sa batibot.. sa batibot.. waaahh disaster na pala. Parang dinaanan ng kakaibang uri ng kalamidad.

Ngayon, nasa taunang outing ang kompanya namin. Dun ulit kami sa Subic at mag-oovernight kami.

Yung nasa pic, madaling araw na yan. Kasama ang bote ng Lambrusco. Nahilo kasi ako at natumba.

Ano bang nangyari kagabi? Well, hindi ko na din talaga alam.. Wahaha.. Ang alam ko lang nahilo ako tapos natumba tapos di ko na alam ang mga sumunod na pangyayari.

Sige try ko mag-flashback. Pagdating namin sa Subic, kumain na kami agad ng lunch at pag katapos eh naghanda na patungong Zoobic Safari. Matagal-tagal yung tour namin dun, nakabalik na kami sa venue for dinner na. So yun, nagdinner na kami habang pinanood yung hinandang event. May mga nag-iinuman na that time, kami naman napadpad sa inflatables area. Wala lang gusto lang namin magpagod sa gabi. After mapagod, balik na kami sa hotel ng mga about 1AM. Ayun naglinis ng katawan, tapos naglaro. Dun ako nahilo sa larong yun. 'TRUTH or CONSEQUENCE' kung tawagin siya, at pinili kong magconsequence sa first round. Ayun lugmok agad, ano yung consequence: hawakan ang kanang tenga ng kaliwang kamay habang ang kanang kamay nakaturo sa sahig at kelangang umikot ng limang beses habang papalapit sa audience. Ang resulta: BAGSAK!

Hindi naman ako pinabagsak ng bote na yun kasi ni patak hindi ako uminom nun. At kahit naman uminom ako, parang juice lang naman daw siya. Sa ngayon, kung may inuman man, stop na ko pag naabot ko na yung toxicity level ko. Kasi galing na naman ako dun. Ngayon alam ko pa ang mga ginagawa ko.

Kaw? What happens when you get drunk..

Finding Happiness

Its but normal when we sometimes ask ourselves questions about 'happy-ness'. Sometimes we really do think a lot about it because we are all in pursuit of it.

Whenever I ask myself questions like 'Am I happy?', sometimes I tend to mix it up with contentment. But then suddenly I realize that, its a different thing. I believe, they just don't go together. For me, contentment is a more deeper feeling of happiness.

Happiness comes in different ways, doing good deeds and making others happy makes me happy. And so with the questions of 'happyness', if I sometimes feel lonely, I try enumerating things, simple things that makes me happy.

We should know the things that makes us happy. Because we know more ourselves than the others. But not knowing one is like what I've said, is just normal. Maybe sometimes we are just too numb to feel it. We need to be true to ourselves in order to feel it. Or moreso, maybe we just need to find ourselves first before happiness sits in.

This is my answer.

The Atonement of Briony Tallis

It started with a young girl named Briony. Briony Tallis had just done her first play, The Trials of Arabella which she regards it about "the complications of love".

At a young age, she have had an admiration with the son of their housekeeper, Robbie but Robbie was more inclined to her elder sister Cecilia. In fact, Robbie and Cecilia are in love. But never long enough, they had their struggles.

Robbie was wrongly accused by Briony of raping Lola, their cousin. But Cecilia never believe he is guilty because as she would say, her sister was subjected to telling stories.

Robbie was in prison and soon released but to join the army. Robbie was reunited with Cecilia before his deployment, and they renewed their love and he made a promise to return to her. Cecilia has refused contact to all of her family since they all believe in Robbie's guilt.

Briony happen to see that Lola would marry Paul Marshall, the friend of their elder brother Leon. Paul was once acquainted with them when they welcome Leon back in their estate. They had dinner and then was interrupted when Lola and her twin brothers had gone away back home. Immediately the family split up together to find them but then Briony witnessed Lola was beeing raped. This was the same night that Robbie was accused.

Briony realizes that it wasn't Robbie after all, but was Paul Marshall who have done it. She misinterpreted her sister's relationship with Robbie and that she made a disastrous mistake by accusing him. Briony now confesses with the two at June, to apologize directly and to withdraw her accusations. Robbie angrily confronted Briony. And the couple demanded to tell her family and the authorities the truth.

The story now shifts to a time where an elderly Briony is being interviewed for her later released novel, 'Atonement'. She stated that it is autobiographical though the ending was been changed. In reality, she says she never had the courage to see her sister to tell the truth. Also, Robbie had died at June first, the last day of the evacuation and Cecilia had been drowned in October. She gave chance to her sister and Robbie the hope and the happiness that they had deserved. Now, her novel serves as her atonement to the destructive acts that prevented the love of Robbie and Cecilia which she has always regretted.

The Call to Narnia

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I have watched Narnia: Prince Caspian at last.

Well, I was kinda expecting a lot but it turned out to be just fine. Ayos lang. Same-old fantasy. :P

Pero yun nakilala ko si Reepicheep, ang makulit na mouse. Magaling na mandirigma at sobrang makulit talaga.

One thing for sure is I did love the place and the music of Narnia.

Its the place where the four siblings re-enter Narnia that I was so amazed called Te Whanganui-A-Hei or most commonly known as Cathedral Cove in New Zealand. Ganda ng view. Promise, ang sarap magrelax. Nafeel ko yun na parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta dun. hehe..

The soundtrack that was played towards the ending from Regina Spektor is entitled 'The Call'. Medyo sad pero sarap sa tenga.

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye

The Two David is the Phantom of the Opera

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I wasn't able to watch the full season of American Idol 7. Though, I did catch the final showdown and the results. I was so surprised there was a 'Phantom of the Opera' night. I was looking for David's songs and I stumble upon with their phantom songs. Well, I really like the Phantom of the Opera. I have already watch it many times but I never get tired because I love their music.

Here are my faves:
"The Music of the Night"
"Think of Me"
"The Phantom of the Opera"
"All I Ask of You"

David Cook's The Music of the Night was like the original, I thought it was. But towards the ending, there was the touch of David Cook.

David Archuleta's Think Of Me was so angelic. Not being bias, but I really love his rendition since the start of the song.

Whichever.. I love the songs..

Kiddie Stars

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Lumabas ako ng bahay at naggrocery sa malapit na mall. Pero napatambay ako nung may nakita akong may nagrerehearse na mga bata. Ang kyu-kyut at ang kukulit. Nakakatuwa talaga sila.

Pero grabe, may mga labteam. Hiyawan yung kiddie girls, kinilig ata sa isang kiddie boy. Kumusta naman yun.

May nakita akong badboy. May isang Riza Santos. May John Pratts. Meron din si Binoe. Madami sila. Basta magagaling at sobrang nakakatuwa lang.

Eto mga pics nila...