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Riding a Bangka in Atulayan Island

We sailed towards the Atulayan island on our second day in Bicol. After the nature trip, it is time for an island adventure. I was so excited to ride a bangka because it was my first time but as we move farther and farther from the shore and the water goes deeper and deeper, at the same time I felt some chills inside me.

After awhile, as we grew nearer to our destination, the feeling subsided. As soon as I stepped down to the island, I thought this is the farthest place I have been away from home. And I can't believe I am still in the Philippines. What a beauty I have witnessed. It's a lost paradise waiting to be discovered.

At that time, my friend Misch have already been in Boracay, the number 1 tourist destination in the country, and for her, Atulayan Island is better in terms of privacy and feel.

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