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PRC Nursing Board Exam Passers July 2010

To those of you takers of Nursing Licensure Exam held in Manila and all Regional Offices last July 3 and 4, 2010 -- Board Exam results for July 2010 is now out!!!

And I am extending my congratulations to all of you guys for making it including my brother. You make us all proud :P

Visit the website for complete list of the board passers.

Lappy Top 4937G

I went to Megamall and dropped by a computer store when I noticed the laptop displayed had this wallpaper with a guy that I knew.. kinda familiar face.

Yes. I couldn't be mistaken!!

OMG!! Is that ... me ?!? or I'm just daydreaming?!
What the ?!!
How the ?!?

Oh, I was just daydreaming. :D Actually, I needed to have my lappy top check by the vendor because my battery drains so fast. Maybe they can replace it with a new one before my 1-year warranty expires. They pulled out the battery and told me I can get it back at about a month maximum. I do hope the new battery won't show off the same problems. :)

Well, there are just so many things ahead that's why here I go again, I may not update my pages once in awhile. I would have to apply for GLOBE Broadband so I'll have a connection at my new place. Hayyyzzz.. Anyways, that's all for now..

Three Most Blogged Posts

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After three years of blogging, here are the top three of my post categories that I have been filling in to this blogging entirety.

(got 48 entries, 2 of them are drafts)
These are the places I dared to conquer both in reality and in dreams. :P All about the experiences that I encountered discovering the beautiful places of the Philippines and the world. Loving and nurturing the beauty of nature.

(30 entries, 2 drafts)
The randomness I have. Just about anything that strikes me in whatever time is and wherever place I maybe in with no specific category, its just about it.

(28 entries, 1 draft)
The movies I have watched and yet to watch. What I have to say about them, what I like and what are nots.

Three Blog of Appreciation

Well, its really fun to blog because you get to write things on your mind and share them to blogosphere. But it is also a nice feeling when someone just notices your existence.

In line with my upcoming 3-year blogversary, here are My Three Blog of Appreciation that I found on my treasure chest. I'm sharing them all to you..

1. I really din't know what to say when Manuel L. Quezon III's mentioned me on his blog post about Erap..

2. Actually, it wasn't my blog who was featured in Bohol Blog but the author. Yes, I became a one-time model for the post.. lol

3. Recently PusangKalye had his 2nd blog anniversary contest... It was a guessing game about a place he posted and I did get a chance of winning an original copy of BEING HAPPY-by Andrew Mathews.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you guys who gets to dropby to the Chronicles of Ardee. Let's keep sharing the love.. :)

Years of Residency

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Three years ago, I was looking for a place where I could be freed from everything. That I alone will have my own space and can do everything I wanted to do without thinking what others would say.

And so I did !!!

It's my third year now on this two-bedroom apartment around the Grand City. Yey! I had a housemate, a common friend and just recently was my sister. I had a lot of memories in here that I will surely miss this place. Yes, you've heard it. I have decided to change my residence but not far this apartment. Actually its just the same street, hehehe.

Why I want this place?
Besides that I get the feeling of security and an ambiance away from the city, at the same time I also have full access to main keypoints here in the metro. One ride going to the financial capital of the Philippines - Makati. One ride going to Eastwood City, Libis until Cubao. One ride to Ortigas Business District and one ride to Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan up to the old downtown, Quaipo. Others might have problems of its traffic abnormality, but I still believe there is nowhere in the metro that is causing no traffic at all.

About the new place I am eyeing is a one-bedroom apartment that looks more like a private house because of the tall gate and the structure itself. The other one is a two-bedroom condo type building. For me, the two different apartments would be just fine as long as I can get assurance from them the soonest possible time because my contract on my current place will end this month. I am praying though that the one-bedroom apartment will be the one for me because its more spacious than the two- bedroom, and I really like the ventilation. You still able to breathe fresh air. And also we have our own meter of water. (Yes, this is really important :P)

The two place is still under construction but not until September, there's only just a few finishing touches to be done. However, the land owners does not want me to give my reservation fee or my advance payment yet. This is where I am stuck. According to them, its really hard for them to commit since everything is not just prepared for occupancy and a lot of tenants are also piled up already.

I am still hoping I could move in to my new residence within this month. And soon, I'll be ready for my next plans. :)

What To Do When You Get Bored

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Bored ka na ba? Ikaw ba ay nalolongkot?! At wala ng magawa sa buhay?!

My younger brother asked me if I never get bored of just work-house-work again as seems to be my daily routine.

I just answered back, "Well, that's life!! We really need to work and keep it movin'."

Then he gave a soft follow up, "I think you barely have your social life? I mean do you go out or even drink?"

"I actually do. But at some point in your life, you really have to be this serious." I replied.

But here our the things I enumerated to him that I do when I get bored:

1. When I get bored, I usually go out for a movie with a friend.
2. I also engage myself to bondings, lunch out or dinner will do.
3. I travel.
4. Invite friends to drink at home.
5. Just chill somewhere. Coffee or videoke.

That's just all for now, besides I don't bore myself when I blog or do some rounds over the net, and to some social medias. :)

Panalo ka sa rambutan

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Some time last week my officemate offered me a fruit that gave me a date treat back in the past, rambutan.

It was an event on my first company, I was asked on the spot to join that dating game which I never thought I will ever join and win. Good thing, we had someone who will answer for us to hide our identity as searchers.

I couldn't pretty much remember all the questions but I can assure you, my front was really good on this. Even I, was kinda surprised with the answers his giving. I was like, okay, just answer it all for me.

The last question I thought gave the searchee had her idea whom to pick was, "If you were a fruit, what would it be and why?"

My front courageously answered, "I'm a rambutan! Well, judging by the looks, you might feel disgusted or something you wouldn't eat upon.. But sorry you, because if you never try, you will never know what sweetness is waiting inside.. :P"

Nephelium lappaceum or popularly known as rambutan came from the Malay word rambut meaning hairy caused by the 'hair' that covers this fruit.

After all the questions, the searchee has finally decided and whew!! she picked me. Everyone was just yelling and just went wild.

We just absorbed the crowd and enjoyed the gift checks to Delifrance. :)

Inception Weekend Bonding

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My brother and I had a movie bonding this weekend at Shangri-la Plaza which we really enjoyed and kept us all night debating. The movie that buzzed the world -- almost got every positive reviews, kept on trending topics in Twitterverse for a long time and yeah, everyone else seems to be talking about it.

Its no other than Christopher Nolan's Inception starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Well, I have to join everyone who have said everything good about it. Actually, I think I have no more words to say because they already did. This mind-boggling sci-fi thriller is surely a must-see film. I would have to agree with internet giant, Yahoo! that Inception is the best film of the year to-date.

SMS Categories

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The messages on my inbox never gets to a trash bin, I was so confident of my 8Gig memory card so about a thousand messages are just being kept. My phone is also used on my internet connection but its been weeks and I always have a poor connection. I don't know why, but before, I get too busy with this connection. I got bored and thought maybe because I'm using too much of the memory so I deleted all my messages but left some few under these categories:

- this includes reminders and receipts of rental payments

- orders, requests, appointments, transactions from the clients

- greetings from every occasion, birthdays, Christmas, New Year and all the holidays :)

- invitation to weddings, birthdays, bonding, party

- just makes me laugh

- the hugs and kisses from people I love

- matters on life, everything personal

- inspirational and motivational quotes

- wrong sent, text mates and unknown telling you won hundreds of thousands

- messages from travel contacts on accomodations and transportation

- updates on work, meeting

I tried connecting again and it gave me a more sustainable and speedy connection. :) I dunno if its a coincidence or if its really the reason behind it.