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Top 5 Emerging Social Network

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As Facebook and Twitter surfaced the world wide web, more and more social networking services have emerged taking us into a spin into the tech world. I too have been lured by these and I can say, I will stay for some time.

I always liked to update my friends and connections on my whereabouts and what's happening so I interact with them from each time with a lot of help to numerous networking sites. So I list down the top 5 emerging social networking sites and services I use, and here goes..

This two similarly do the same thing -- a dashboard to several social network including the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace. For bloggers, some would opt the HootSuite since it connects to the Wordpress platform. While to those fanatic of internet giant, Google, Tweetdeck is getting you the Google Buzz where you can share links, photos, videos and status messages. Also, if you talk to much and you only have a short space, Tweetdeck has the while HootSuite has his

Recently, Twitter acquired TweetDeck with a $40 – $50 million purchase price including both cash and Twitter stock.

Probably, no one would ever ask you where the hell are you anymore. As long as you check-in to this GPS service. This is kinda cool as you can interact with friends within your neighborhood. You can read tips and reviews about the place and who's currently on location. If you want to leave your own comments or just anything about it, you are pleased to do so. Aside from that, you are getting your badges each time you check-in and gaining the mayorship that tells you rule the place.

Facebook and Twitter have integrated location services in their empire though.

What makes this equally uber good is having channels to thousands of feed at any moment in time. From topics to Hollywood Entertainment from around the World, latest music scoops to the chart toppers, movies to be anticipated and who's currently making it big, latest on technology and smart phones getting smarter, and travelling with luxury or rather the cheaper deals. These are just among the other categories who grace your everyday whom you can share to the community but wait, if you are not sure of what to tweet yet, well you can save it as drafts and tweet it for later.

So you want to get serious? You want to meet people and learn their businesses, or you just might be looking for the right job. Then here's the help you needed. Create your profile not only for LiNa but for you to connect directly to employers giving you the closer chance to show off your background and skillsets. Get your ass on and find your way into the corporate world.

You got some other else? I would be glad to know about it.. :)

Filipino Food: Bagnet Ilocos

It's been months now of taking in foreign food into my digestive system. Though I don't have any problem with that, I just miss our very own Filipino food. My taste buds are dying about it already.

Well, aside from Adobo known as a Filipino dish, there's just about a number of delightful meal you can find in every corner in the Philippines. We all have our very own finest delicacies in our provinces like Bicol Express is to Bicol, Lechon ng Cebu and Batchoy is for Iloilo.

In Ilocos, we have Pinakbet. But since I have blogged about how to cook Pinakbet already. Here's another specialty from Ilocos, the better ingredient of Pinakbet which is equally known Ilocano dish called Bagnet. In other areas it is called chicharon. This is a pork loin being fried until it gets temptingly crispy.

Here's a simple step on how to cook Bagnet:

1. Choose the best part of a pig, pork loins
2. Plunge the whole meat into boiling salted water for an hour or two or until tender
3. Use a strainer and remove the water to dry
4. Submerge in hot oil for another hour or two until color is brown and crispy
5. For condiments, we use bagoong(mixture of fermented fish) with kamatis(tomatoes)

And Voila!!


Here's the devilish Bagnet for your hungry tummies.. yumyum..

So, can I be your chef now?? :)

Makansutra: The Art of Eating

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Hungry?!? much??

Makansutra is gonna take you in a plunge of a sinful dinner.. a food experience you don't wanna miss when in Singapore. The ambiance is so good as you can feel the cool air and the warmth of people celebrating on the streets.

It all happens in 8 Raffles Avenue, Makansutra Gluttons Bay offers a selection of Asian food from Malay to Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and even our very own Pinoy Food.

I have been here for a number of times now and always keep coming back. This is a great place where we meet friends, enjoy the spectacular city view and the festivity of food.

Makansutra starts at 5PM-2AM during Mondays to Thursdays. While its 5PM-3AM on Fridays and Saturdays. They also serve during Sundays at 4PM-1AM.

This street celebration of food, noise, smells and open-air ambiance is similar to
Banchetto in the Philippines. which I also featured on my recent posts.

Manny Pacquiao is Highest Paid Athlete

After winning the fight from American boxer, Mosley. Manny Pacquiao has been listed in Asia's 10 richest athletes by Yahoo Singapore Finance.

The Fighter of the Decade is worth a whooping $38 million for the year 2010 alone having two fights along with his acting and singing career.

For me, I am not really fond of boxing but when I hear about Pacquiao, well this gotta be a one hell of a holiday when every fight he has is watched by most Filipinos in the Philippines and all around the world.

Manny Pacquaio really makes every Filipino proud. From his humble beginnings to where he is now, he really deserve it and its worth all his hard work and love for his countrymen.

See the other 9 Highest Paid Athletes

The OSMA Perimeter

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At my randomness, I usually take my C903 shots and capture just about anything. This time, I am taking cover of my workplace.

Located at the heart of Pasig City within the Ortigas Business District, along San Miguel Avenue is One San Miguel Avenue.

It is a busy place as it houses many shopping malls, skyscrapers, hotel and condominiums, nightlife bars and restaurants. It is the second most important commercial district after Makati.

During the smog, the area is filled with thick fog covering almost all the buildings and structures around.

Beautiful sunset taken on my window..

The night life begins...

I really find it comfortable staying here because it is near my place, the views are great and everything you need you can definitely find it here.

Here are some notable structures found in Ortigas:
* Philippine Stock Exchange Towers (Tektite)
* UnionBank
* Orient Square
* Raffles Bldg.
* Wynsum Corporate Tower
* Prestige Tower
* Tycoon Center
* SM Megamall
* Shangri-La Plaza
* Robinsons Galleria
* The Podium
* El Pueblo
* San Miguel Corporation
* Jollibee Foods Corporation
* Asian Development Bank
* St. Paul College, Pasig
* University of Asia and the Pacific
* The Medical City
* Our Lady of Peace-EDSA Shrine
* St. Francis of Assisi Church
* Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Coron, Palawan is the Other Boracay

Palawan is worldly known with its Puerto Princesa Subterranean River as it is listed one of UNESCO's World Heritage Site and close to becoming the "New Seven Wonders of Nature". It is also known as St. Paul Underground River which attracts more and more tourists every time.

But wait there's more...

There are a lot of beautiful islands in Palawan that you can visit and one of them is Coron.

Coron as spelled up on a hill like the infamous Hollywood Sign.

When you are on your way to island hopping, just gaze around and you will see a lot of islands with hidden beauty like this.

This is Mini-Boracay, a mini island version of Boracay. It is privately owned but we were told about how beautiful it is to compare to the no. 1 tourist spot in the Philippines, Boracay.

Banana Island

Spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E-N-E-S-S.

After about one and a half hour travelling via boat away from Coron Port, you will surely greet this paradise with a smile.

The place is noticeably clean. The waters, sand and just anywhere, you will see no dirt or unpleasing to your eyes.

No need to wear goggles under the sea as it is crystal clear and not irritating to the eye.

But of course, you have to have a water-proof camera to capture these sweet creatures under the sea.

I definitely love it here. White and fine sands that could give Boracay a run for its money as they would say.

Malcapuya Island

Just across Banana Island is Malcapuya Island, it is about 15 minutes away. Though I like more of Banana Island, Malcapuya is just equally worth a visit too.

This island adventure is totally excellent. All expenses from the boat, entrance fees, food and merienda was part of our Darayonan Ultimate 4d3n Package.