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Time To Blog

i've done laundry..
i've cooked our food..
i've read some stuffs..
kapagod talaga...

parang si baby lang oh?!

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Pero after a hard day's work -- finally, time to blog.. sorry, adik lang!!

Frequently Encountered Words

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...Shurrruppp... Neeooowwww...

..Ano ba yung/ano ba yang...

...Teka la....

..ginagawa mo kong tanga ka..




....once upon a time...

..nagchecheck pa ko...


....may ganun!..

Black-flavored Valentine


BLACK is EVERYWHERE... the season is near..

i wear BLACK...

i love BLACK...

BLACK is good...

BLACK is seductive.. and sexy..

BLACK is powerful..

It's the season to be BLACK.

Lets change the usual RED-colored Valentine to a BLACK-flavored Valentine. Catch the temptation...

Be very BLACK!

Watch Piolo Pascual as Black Cupid in the new commercial of CLEAR Men. Video courtesy by YouTube.

Techfest 2008 at Makati Shang

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Last Tuesday, I participated at the Microsoft Event Techfest 2008 at Makati Shang together with my officemates. It was really an eye opener to the new technology store for us by Microsoft this year.

The track sessions that we had was:
(1) Silverlight
(2) Microsoft SQL 2008
(3) Visual Studio .NET 2008

Well, to those who weren't able to come, the Presentation Slides are available here.

6 cu.ft. GE Refrigerator

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It took me a really long time to decide on what fridge to buy. Siguro, its because I have too much info at hand again and then trying to consider those things.

I don't really have buying tips but here's from GE Appliances.

Refrigerator Buying Tips
1. How much space do I have for a refrigerator?
2. What type of refrigerator do I want?
3. What color refrigerator do I want?
4. How can I choose a refrigerator that is dependable and long lasting?
5. What features do I want my refrigerator to have?

Questions to ask once you are in the store
6. How well will this refrigerator store my food?
7. How easy is this refrigerator to clean?
8. Is this refrigerator energy efficient?
9. How dependable is this brand of refrigerators?
10. Is there a warranty on this refrigerator and what are the terms?
11. What about delivery and installation?

Click here for the answers.

SBux Planner worth Sentimental


This was my Starbucks Promo coupon... I've never been interested for the year's organizer but little by little, my coupon was being filled.. and counting..

I have barely 3 more days left before promo expires. It was like impossible to have that filled in but lucky enough, it got extended till February 15. Until I was already hoping I can really have that organizer.

Tadah!! so there... I have it.

And it really worth sentimental because:
(1) IS Team escapades during the not-so-busy day.
(2) Meetup with Ham.
(3) My TRINOMA-tic Experience.
(4) JB shared his coupon.
(5) Coffee for us at Greenhills Promenade.
(6) Crazees at Shangri-la.

Isang Himala

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How does it feel like...

when you're in a point of no return?

when you are totally broke and don't know which/whom to run to?

when you don't have someone to share with about your problems?

when you feel all alone?

when you got a failing grade but were expected to get good ones?

when you are faced to trouble but suddenly your allies wasn't there to backup?

when you're put to the spot and finally the manager leads you to that wide open door?

when you're deadly deadline is trying to kill you?

when you didn't get your monthly pay?

when everything you do is bad?

when someone breaks your heart?

when the whole wide world turns its back on you?

when worst comes to worst?

would there still be - a MIRACLE?

I was listening to Yeng Constatino and Jay-R Siaboc with their song 'HIMALA'.

I'm just so enchanted with their voice blending together accompanied by a mellow background.

Whatever it is we are facing, God knows what's best for us. He puts us to where He knows we can withstand. Sabi nga sa song, di mahigilap sa lupa ang pag-asa, but once we are with Him, nothing would be impossible.

Ganda talaga ng song. Sobrang nawiwili ako. Basta we should never fail to have Him in our heart kasi He's always there and He will guide our ways. :P

My TRINOMA-tic Experience

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I was on my way to Novaliches to visit my Mom when I decided to passby at Trinoma Mall.

Whoa, I never imagined this place to be this huge..

Project Bohol


Bohol is a place that I really admire a lot. Grabe na, sobrang this is the moment.. this is the year to visit the 10th largest island in the country, which keeps its beauty of nature, beaches and other breath taking spots.

This map will show our trail to Bohol.

Photo courtesy of

Hmmm.. okay, let's take a tour..

When we arrive at Tagbilaran, Bohol, we'll go first to Baclayon Church, one of the oldest church here in the Phils. After that, what I really want to try is having lunch at the floating restaurants which trails along the Loboc River. By then, we will be passing by the Hanging Bridge and Busay Falls and end up to Nut's Hut for shelter at night.

Day2: From Loboc we'll go to Corella where the Tarsier Sanctuary is located. Tarsier is one of the world's smallest primates. All the species living today are found in the islands of South East Asia, mainly in Indonesia and our very own, Bohol.

Also, we'll be dropping off at Hinagdanan Cave found in Panglao Island. Its underground lake is a popular swimming spot.

Of course, we need to set our foot on Chocolate Hills too. Its unusual geological formation that composed of around 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills is really a breathtaking site.

Day3 is for the beach and island hopping.

Alona Beach

And lastly, I need to see Virgin Islands / Isla Virgen. I need to take photoshoots there.

Hope, magkaroon ng linaw ang plans na to. Isama ko kaya sa New Year's Resolution to. To visit Places I Like namely Bohol, Davao and Cebu. Wish ko lang.

Images from Wikipedia
Tour Guide at Bohol

Huy, ikaw gusto mo sumama? Tara na. Naman eh.