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Upcoming Reposts from Pinoy Kronikels

I was so happy when I got my domain, PinoyKronikels, by May last year.

It was like a dream come true. :)

Since then, I was so eager to discover blogging tools which I never used before. I was in constant connection with Petiksmode for some blogging tips and just about everything. I have posted articles like everyday. Yes, I have regained back my enthusiasm in blogging.

But now on its first year, I am pondering of not continuing my domain subscription anymore. I'm still enjoying the site especially its theme. I even adapted it on my personal site, as you may have noticed.

With some slight changes of plan, I am leaning towards keeping Pinoy Kronikels just until the contract ends. I've also let my other blogmates to redirect back to this personal blog. And sooner, I will repost some of my articles from the site.

Here's an image of my website.

It's sad because somehow this made me alive after some breakdown by that time. But that's just the way it is. People move.

On the lighter note, I will still remain here on my home, Blogger indefinitely. ;)

Mount Caniaw View of Ilocos

After feasting a lot during the holidays and filling up the tummy much, I thought I needed to do some exercise and trimming down.

While last month, I joined a fun run, now, it's time to climb.

Picture below is Mount Caniaw and if you see the one that is encircled, is where we will be in just a few hours...

It's a 2-hour climb but we did it just a bit longer. Mount Caniaw is located at Bantay, Ilocos Sur. It's usually called by the natives as "radar" as the term would say is the home of radio, cable and communication of the province. We started the trail at about 8am in Tay-ac Bantay.

Although this is my third time to climb the Philippine Mountains, my first was Trekking to Aninuan Falls in Puerto Galera and second is Sunrise and Sunset at Gulugod Baboy in Batangas, I was a bit uneasy because its a road less travelled. We're not too familiar of living creatures round there and what's up for us. Still we dared.

We din't have our breakfast so when we reached the top about 10am, we were a bit starving already. While enjoying the view, we had our simple breaklunch. Some few towns of Ilocos below is seen.

This is Abra of the Cordillera Administrative Region, the other side of Ilocos.

I felt so much pain on my feet going down. I think I'm not use to it anymore but I still wanna do this next time. Kulang lang sa exercise, so I'm gonna prepare for it. ;)

My 2010 Travel In Pictures

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Here are the travels I made for the year that was 2010.

Mount Pinatubo
The Majestic Climb

I started my travel for 2010 on the month of March. Finally, after years of thinking about this adventure, yes since 2008, I have finally laid foot majestically on Mount Pinatubo together with my friends.

Singapore and Malaysia

Last April of 2010 was supposed to be a business trip with my colleagues where we should be attending some appointments and getting some interviews but it din't turned to be that when we were already there.

The look of the Merlion seemed to conquer us so we submitted. And of course, we had a side trip to Malaysia too.

(Post yet to be published)

More of Ilocos

Another trip I made was September 2010 when I toured my friend round my hometown. I was with my brother, sister and cousin and there's a lot more that we discovered since we had our traditional family reunion last 2008.

Cabugao Fun Run and Arangkada Todo-todo Santo Domingo
Travel on Foot

Travelling is not just about climbing the mountains, going to the beach, island hopping or going wherever but to the very means of taking or running the miles. (NAKS! akala mo anlayo ng narating eh :P) Well, what I mean is having experienced a fun run is worth a distance travelled. I din't have to go somewhere but my hometown to experience like this. I both took 5k on two (2) different events, Cabugao Fun Run and Arangkada Todo-todo Santo Domingo. This was last October and December of the same year respectively.

Hanapin nyo ko..

I did organized all these travels except of course for the fun run and it was kinda hard doing all the itineraries, bookings and also guiding the people you travel with but at the end of the day, its a feeling of accomplishment and pure admiration on nature and fun of travelling.