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Virgin, Island or Ardee

Still on our Day 3 of our Bohol Itinerary is another island worth to visit - the Virgin Islands.

After snorkeling (from previous post), it is time to indulge ourselves to the breathtaking beauty of this island they call as the 'Virgin Islands'.

Before, I was really thrilled even just by looking at their images on the net. It is really one of the places in Bohol that I would really want to invade (heheh).. and so, here I am now..

I together with my travel buddies was in awe as soon as we get to step on the place.

It's just a small island about the range of Megamall, along with its amazing tail.

..its like a runway on a fashion show..

It was really an awesome experience..

*Note: There are no establishments here as you can see on the pictures. Only plants and trees. That's why tourists may come with their boy scout kit. Or food and sandwiches. But be sure not to spoil the place, as we have seen a few trashes around the area.


rowena said...

virgin island it is!
i wish to be back in bohol and experience the beach! one of the places we missed..:(

ardee sean said...

@rowena: go mamaweng! sobrang nice talaga. quiet and friendly people. nature's beautiful. :)

Cale,graphy06 said...

WoW!!! ang sarap naman dito! it reminds me of my province..Marinduque..:)

ardee sean said...

@Cale,graphy06: grabe ang username mo.. heheh.. salamat sa pagbackread.. gusto ko rin mapuntahan yang marinduque.. :P