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Wait Forever


I know our world won't meet, but life is short and so there's no stopping me ...

yes, i wont WAIT FOREVER from letting you know that YOU got a space in me..

..whatever it is that life would bring us.. at least we tried...'s for both of us...

hindi ako lasheeng... :P

Anyways, here's a song from Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano who'll say it all ..

Standing on the great divide
Feel the sudden need to fly
Underneath the open sky
And the river down below

I could keep on running down
I could keep on cheating death and yet somehow
It all ends up the same
And i don’t want to be the one who’s blamed

Can you see that i don’t really have a choice at all
If only for a taste flight
I’d gladly take the fall

So, i say i love you
I don’t wanna wait forever
Just to say, i need you
Doesn’t even have to matter
If it really matter anything to you

I’d gladly take this ride
As long as you are there on the other side
Not making sense at all
Of making sense of it all

So while i can, i’ll take the chance,
I’m diving in
If you need me, i will die –
To feel alive again


I’m falling like
I’ve never done so before
I’m flying against the wind
And here i go


I love you so (i love you), i need you
It doesn’t really matter (no, it doesn’t really matter)
If it really matters anything to you
I love you...

Gulugod Garden

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Design By Louie :p

Pahinga muna...

Relaks muna...

Masaya lang...

Pagkatapos ng ungos,

mayroong magagandang bagay dako pa roon..

Sali ka lang.. okay dito..


sariwang hangin..

magandang tanawin...

walang problema..

namnamin ang kagandahan

kasama ang mga kaibigan..

Punta tayong lahat..

at sabay sabay....

And I found a very special love in you
It's a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over, it's burning inside
And I found a very special love in you
And it almost breaks me in two
Squeezing me tighter
But I'm never gonna let go...


Sa Rurok ng Kaligayahan

Magnificent view from Gulugod Baboy

August 17 (Sunday) - After a hard day's climb, we have finally setup our camping site atop the mountain of Gulugod Baboy.

Gulugod Baboy at sunset

Sobrang nakakatakot at nakakapagod ang pag-akyat namin pero as others would say, it was still a fun climb dahil kasabay ng mga hinanaing namin eh nandyan din ang tawanan at biritan ng mga kwelang kasama namin na sina Allan, Louie, Ron, Rodel at Rolly. Sobrang napawi ang hirap at pagod namin, kasi sa tuwing may stopover eh feeling ko parang nasa laffline lang kami sa mga oras na yun.

Gulugod Baboy at sunrise

The waters around Gulugod Baboy

Atop Gulugod Baboy is a 360 degrees marvelous view of islands and waters and Mt. Pinagbanderahan. Thank God, the weather was fine. Malakas ang hangin sa tuktok pero buti hindi umulan. And right timing din because it was a full moon. So parang, it was all made up for us to enjoy our stay and sobrang maligaya kami dahil nawitness namin yun sa rurok.. sa dako pa roon.. :P

"R U Set" For Long Weekend

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It has been a busy week for me that's why I was so looking forward for a long day off just in time for the holidays that includes Monday (August 18), Ninoy Aquino Day and Tuesday (August 19), Quezon City Day but this has yet to be confirmed.

I wanted to do something. Something different. So I could replenish myself/my strength away with all the bustles of the city life (sabi nga ng isang tinatayong condo sa may amin).

Then came this itinerary,

I was so interested but at the same time I wasn't that sure. I'm not prepared for such trip as of the moment and I was thinking no time that I could accomplish all the necessities for the climb.

When I received a confirmation from my email that it's a non-workday for Monday and Tuesday, then there was no stopping anymore..

I gave it a GO. Thanks to my sponsors (hehehe) and a rush shopping last Saturday.


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Today is 888.

So, what's with the number 888?

Well, according to Chinese numerology, 888 means three times the prosperity.
While the Bible says, its the number of Jesus.

Whatever it is, today is Beijing Olympics 2008. It's really great and amazing what they have prepared for this much-awaited event.

Here are pics of the Beijing Olympic Gardens got from my email..

Sarap ng Cake

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Parang usong-uso ang birthday ngayon.
Halos araw-araw na lang kaming nagdiriwang.
Sobrang kabusugan na naman.
Daming mga putahe.
Hindi naman sa nagrereklamo..
sabagay nakikitikim na nga lang kami
ah hindi pala, nakikiubos pala..hahaha

pero sobrang enjoy pa rin ako sa ice cream. :P
ang saya-saya talaga.
basta, happy bertday na lang sa inyong lahat.
binusog nyo talaga kami..

may natira pa, pwede pang papakin.

Ah hindi pala to yung cake na kinain namin, kay boss Jon pala to. heheh..