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I'm Sexy and I Phuket

GoodBuy Summer na ba talaga ?!? (referring to Cebupac's Promo for summer ender).

And before it really ends, here's a post just when we started our summer vacay. It was the month of hearts when my friends and I have booked for Phuket, Thailand. At first, I did not know much about Phuket but the Phi Phi Islands. I can still see a picture of a beautiful beach scenery of the famous DiCaprio film, The Beach, which was shot in this lovely place.

Not to forget, the place where the sad and tragic Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 occurred or what they call as Boxing Day.

Okay, let's get to the more exciting and fun summer we did. So it starts as I arrived in Phuket alone because my friends' flight schedule were ahead than mine. It sounds fun, right.. (hahaha) I did not have much day off to spend that's why the schedule. Anyway, back to the airport, I took a shared minivan for 150 baht going to our hotel in Patong. It was about an hour and a half from the airport and my friends were waiting for me just in time for our first dinner. We took our dinner just near the hotel. Finally, I got to meet the other five new friends I had conversed with from our earlier facebook message thread, aside from the three I already knew. So after the introductions, off we went to the road I never imagined to be the Bangla Road. It was party party along the street. Lights. Dance. Booze. Crowd. Wild. It was crazy. The first night was just so warm and hot. We could have a shot until we drop. But Nahh.. Not for tonight. Our next day activity is getting us more excited so we needed to calm down.

How about going to the beaches now... wanna ride?!?

My official first day in Phuket was Island Hopping Tour. My friends had already booked for this package that includes our hotel transfer to ferry port and free lunch for 1200 baht/pax. At eight in the morning, we were ready to meet the sexy beaches and the hot touristers. lol. Well, we have all our time for this one whole day activity. And I can't spill so much on this post as I will have a separate entry for this. I hope so. We finished the tour about six in the afternoon. We had dinner at eight and just chilled out for awhile at Bangla Road. After that, we went back to the hotel and drunk all night for our bonding session.

My second day was walking and shopping around Patong Beach. We had our breakfast at ten in the morning. Then we went out to buy some souvenirs and took a few last pictures of the place because my friends will fly out that night. As for me, I stayed for another day because it was still weekend. When we went back to the hotel, I went swimming to the hotel's pool while they prepped up for checkout. We ended the day with Thai Massage at two in the afternoon.

View Point overlooking Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach

On my third day, is another Alone Day. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I wake up to another hotel this morning, well not because there was some crazy thing happened last night. But I have already transferred to a new place since my friends' checked out. Anyway, I took my breakfast and had a walk around again. I was trying to get a transport going around Phuket and to see some other tourist spots in the place. You can rent a motorbike from 300-500 baht but I opted to go by taxi for 1500 baht.

So I was able to visit the Big Buddha that I did not know of, thanks to my tour guide for opting to go here. Along the way, I also tried elephant trekking for 800 baht in 30 minutes. We drove around the downtown and saw some important monuments, we dropped off to the viewpoints where we can have a nicer view of the islands and beaches. It was all fun. As I ended the day flying back to my work, of course, there's a thought of coming back again.



wow! speechless

Michael said...

It's a cool thing that you can still recall the facts and the hype of your trips though you write the posts a few months later. Enjoy your adventures RD! And take care too. ☺

ardee sean said...

@Michael: i have kept some notes when i had these travels.. was so busy or lazy that's why this late.. :P