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Pagudpud: Beauty Invasion in ILOCOS

I've never known my hometown to be this beautiful and inviting. Until we chanced to celebrate our family reunion last 2008 in Ilocos Norte. Since then I've been helping out friends on how to visit the place. Or if not, their travel buddy.

Here are the list of places to visit when in Ilocos arranged according to the farthest from the North.

There are 3 must see places in Pagudpud.
Patapat Viaduct / Patapat Bridge
This is a beautiful bridge that is zigzag in shape and attached to the mountain constructed to prevent accidents on the area. The bridge connects the tip of Ilocos Norte to Cagayan Valley Region.

Blue Lagoon Beach
A hidden beach that is, for me, better than Saud Beach. The water is more calm and clean.Hannah Beach Resort is the common place to stay here.

Kabiga Falls
Kabiga Falls is a thirty (30) minute trek away from the national highway. You will be accompanied by tourist guide that waits on the station near the highway. You have to pay Php150 for the tour guide plus Php10 per head for the visit. There are about 70 tourist guide that goes back and forth for three times during April, their peak month.

Saud Beach by edcadena
Equally beautiful beach as that of Blue Lagoon is Saud Beach. Saud Beach is more famous because the views is more appealing compared to Blue Lagoon. There are about 5 resorts or more that you could stay and chose from.


Bangui Windmills
This amuses me because the structure is huge in size and in number. More details of Bangui windmill.


Kapurpurawan Rocks from
Another worth a visit is Kapurpurawan Rocks. The rock formation feel is like you have travelled to another country.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
This lighthouse was built in 1892 but still functions and welcomes ships that enter the Philippines in the North. Now serves as a historical landmark and a cultural treasure.


San Agustin Church / Paoay Church
We have four baroque churches that have been inscribed to UNESCO World Heritage List. Two (2) of them are from Ilocos, Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur and San Agustin Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

How to get here:
By Bus
PARTAS VIGAN Tel.No.7223369
Vigan-Cubao approx. 8 hours
Schedules : every hour 24/7

PARTAS LAOAG Tel.No.7711514
Laoag-Cubao approx. 10 hours
Schedules : every hour 24/7

By Plane
Cebu Pacific Air
Laoag-Manila approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

Malayang Hakbang: Edsa Revolution on 25 Years

A lot of demonstrations and protests are happening around the world lately, especially on the Middle East. Tunisia and Egypt cried foul on their government and soon ousted their presidents. Inspired by this events, Libya as well is currently uprising with the government of Gaddafi. Algeria and Yemen are also on this undertaking.

But long before, Filipinos have aimed the same with all the countries mentioned earlier. Even if I was still a baby back then, it has already been part of our history and will always be part of every Filipinos lives as we impart it to our youth. In 1986, we have restored democracy by our very own people power that is now known as the EDSA Revolution, and headlined as the revolution that surprised the world. Now, we are on its 25th year of celebrating our democracy.

Mike, the kind of guy friend in twitter :) asked me about plans for EDSA celebration. I just replied back maybe I'd simply be free without any thing in mind how to be one. LOL

Yesterday, my brothers asked me to join a run in Vigan. It is a freedom fun run in celebration of the 25th anniversary of EDSA Revolution. So I did join and made it on a 5k run.. Cheers for freedom!!!

Maria Aragon and Lady Gaga is Born This Way

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The leader of online video, YouTube, has yet again produced another star that can now be lined up with Charice Pempengco, Joseph Vincent and a lot more talents.

Maria Aragon is a 10 year old Filipino Canadian who made a cover of Lady Gaga's newest album and single entitled Born This Way where Gaga performed last week for the Grammys 2011.

Aragon's video is nearing 12 million hits already in just a week since it was uploaded. Lady Gaga tweeted,
"@ladygaga : Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future."
and soon invited Aragon to join in her concert in Toronto.

Just recently, Ellen De Generes also met the young youtube sensation, Maria Aragon who dreams to perform for Ellen too.

One thing I can say is that she's really good and I'm proud of her.

Tramway Buffet Plaza First and Last Bloody Date

Can you pile up plates this much?
Can you keep your stomach with unlimited foodies?

My friend Pepper and I just celebrated our first and last bloody date tonight. We tried the newly opened Tramway Buffet Plaza at Worldwide Corporate Center located along Shaw Boulevard. An eat-all-you-can restaurant similar to Tramway Buffet Garden in Timog Avenue, Quezon City where we used to have our team dinner and celebrations also. (I think they're somewhat related but with different management)

We kinda had a little struggle as we approached their reception area, they were hesitant that we go in by batch. We were not allowed to enter if we're not complete as not to confuse them. They also asked us to pay already before entering so I paid in cash (they are not yet accepting ATM and credit cards) and after that, they gave us our own weapon(spoon and fork). I told the receptionist if they can just let my officemates enter while I'll wait for the others. In fairness, they took them in. The receptionist was courteous. She explained to me that since they have a few resources yet, they would somehow do the kind of process for the first few operations.

Anyways, we had our buffet and we enjoyed it a lot. The food was average, the place is spacious, not that crowded yet and so we got more food. They also refill immediately. hehe They have function rooms charged for Php1600/3hours for the meantime, while they create menu set packages that will be consumable for the charge of function rooms.

Dining cost per head at Php218.

I believe they have their Valentine Opening Promo at Php118. Yeah, we should have gone there earlier. LOL

Tramway Buffet Plaza serves lunch at 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and dinner at 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. For your inquiries, you may call them at these numbers 7066351 / 8617129.

Egypt freedom has been served

Today marks another history not only for the Egyptians but also throughout the world as they rejoice and have all witnessed the power of the people.

After almost three decades, finally Hosni Mubarak steps down his post as President of Egypt transferring the authority to the Armed Forces. Challenged by his prolonged term with 18 days protests, he resigned, Vice President Omar Suleiman announced.

It’s all over (freedom have been served) and yes it’s all over the net. As I browse through the web from CNN to BBC, to Huffington Post and Yahoo, pictured the joys of Egypt, freedom and the world. Even to microblogging sites top trending is Congrats Egypt and Renunció Mubarak.

Well, as for me, it felt like I have witnessed another Edsa Revolution, our very own restoration of our democracy against President Marcos back in 1986. It is a great feeling when you see people unite for the common good. My heart felt so much happiness and joys for the people of Egypt and so I say.

Go now, Egypt. Fly your wings. You are Free! You Are Free!

My cheap travel to Singapore

Planning for a cheap travel to Singapore? Well, here are some notes I made for low cost travel and also, I have been doing on my upcoming travels.

Usually the first thing I do is to look for airline promos or travel deals and packages over the internet. For me, it is better to have cheaper expense on the flights or airline fare so that we can allot more on the food or hotel accommodation. So when I was browsing the net and stumbled upon Tiger Airways Promo for Singapore, I immediately invited some colleagues to join me.

The next thing I knew, I was already building up a list of hotels/hostels and an itinerary of activities. For budget-conscious tourist like us, we opted to stay on a hostel that costs SGD16 a night. The place is just a walk away the mall area and the train station. We have 24/7 internet WIFI access while enjoying our sit on their entertainment lounge. Cool air-conditioned rooms and clean. We also have free breakfast included. It was indeed worth the pay because they were friendly and helpful to our needs.

We trip over the place mostly by train but we also tried the cab or taxi giving us a rate not higher than SGD5. But one thing also is that, I kept a print out of a map so I can just ask locals where the place is and if it is near, we can just walk. It is a good exercise after all. Even at night it is safe because I believe that most of the place is secured with cameras.

We were able to visit Universal Studios located on Sentosa Island, Singapore. We had our ticket at SGD72. It is SGD6 cheaper during weekdays. Universal Studios will give you SGD5 voucher each for retail and food that can be used on stores inside the theme park. This was a rush booking. Good thing, some fellow travellers advised us to book online. Because it is more convenient to pay via your credit card than to line up in a pool of tourist wanting to experience the thrill rides in Universal Studios.

At SGD9, we already have a bountiful meal in a store located at the mall. But we also tried in outside stalls where chicken rice is at SGD3 and we did like it. We also brought snacks and cup noodles in our backpack just in case. LOL It is cheaper because we all share our meal and just divide the expenses among ourselves. A small mineral water costs at least SGD1.30, so we have with us our own drinking bottles filled with water or juice that came from our hostel. So if we frequent going around, it really save us money a lot. We also visited a few friends in there and gave us a treat. It is fun and great you also have some friends or contacts in the place you are planning to visit because they can really help you in any way they can.

If you were into vices, it is not gonna help you save your health and neither your pockets. Cigs costs SGD10 per pack. If you enjoy going to resto bars and have some booze, it is also expensive. Well, it is not really part of our travel so we skipped on this. But Starbucks did not escape us. We chilled at Esplanade and we have our fave drink at around SGD10. A good way to end our cheap travel to Singapore. So I hope this helps you too.

Cleaning Up My Desktop

My desktop is usually where I dump my downloaded files or files I received from my network or colleagues. It is where I attached some post-it notes for reminders and important matters at work. And for that, I fill up the most part of this desktop that I partly recognize my background anymore.

Then I decided to clean up this desktop for good and here is:

Wala lang.. para may #masabi lang.. hahah

I'm Sorry Eyes

Friday. Nang makaramdam ako ng pananakit. Medyo petiks ako ng araw na yun. Tipong pumasok lang para dumisplay at magbrowse lang ng browse sa internet. As in bawal mag-work. Ika nga eh, naka-friday mode ako. Kaso dahil sa wala naman akong magulo, ako ay napastatus na lang sa YM ng 'Please Disturb Me'. Nagbabaka-sakaling mayrong tumulong saking pumetiks. At maya-maya, ayon na nga, ako ay ginulo ng ginulo. Sadyang ang sumaya ng araw ko at tila ba nagbabadyang maging maganda ang pagtatapos ng aking buong linggo.

Ngunit subalit datapwat ako ay sinusubukan ng tadhana. Ako ay bigla biglang napapikit at hindi mawari ang aking mukha sa aking naramdaman bago matapos ang araw na yun. Nagmabilis kumalat ang hapdi at pamumula ng aking beautiful eyes.
Pakiramdam ko ay napuwing ako at parang may lumusob sa paligid ng aking nagmamagandang mata. Dagli dagli akong pumunta sa wash area at naghilamos baka matanggal kung ano man yung nanduduon. Sabay deretso sa clinic at nagpakonsulta kay doc. Ngunit si nurse lang ang gumabay sakin. Mukhang taranta si nurse dahil hindi nya malaman ang gagawin at sasabihin sakin. Sabi lang nya na magpakonsulta na lamang ako sa opthalmologist.

Pag-uwi kinagabihan, ako ay nagsalin ng tubig sa munting batya. Nilublob ko ang aking mukha na nakamulat ang mata ngunit hindi ito naging matagumpay. Itinulog ko na lang ang sakit.

Kinaumagahan ng hapon na ako nakapunta sa Megamall, bandang 2pm, para ipacheckup ang aking magandang mata. Una kong pinuntahan ang Mega Clinic sa 5th floor at nagtanong kung may optha sila na available at kung accredited sila ng RX medicard na aking dala dala. At sa kasawiang palad, sila ay hindi ganun kasosyal. Hindi daw sila tumatanggap ng ganung healthcard. Tinanong ko na lang kung magkano ang konsulta kunwaring cash ang aking ibabayad at sinabi nilang tumataginting na 500. At ang sabi ko, ah KThanksBye!

Pumunta ako sa information at sinabi nilang itry ko daw sa Clinica Manila 2nd Floor. At parehas kong tanong kung meron silang available na optha at kung RX medicard accredited sila at sila na nga ang aking hinahanap. First time kong pumasok dun, wow, daming nakapila. Medyo malaki pala yung clinic na yun. Ako ay nag-antay sa aking numero para sa registration. Sa king pag-aantay, andaming sumagi saking isipan habang papikit pikit ang aking mata. Parang beautiful eyes lang.

Sana okay naman.
Sana gamot lang.
Sana wala namang operasyon.
Sana hindi naman ganun kaseryoso.
Pano ko na lang makikita ang mga magagandang bagay, lugar at pati na rin ang mga magagandang nilalang.

Huwag naman sana, Lord. Sa wakas natapos din ang aking pagdradrama nang ako'y tawagin na sa registration. Pagkatapos nun pinapunta ako sa nurse area at nag-antay sa opthalmologist. Buti kaunti lang kami sa linya. Pangatlo ako. At saglit lang ay ako na. Sinalaysay ko ang aking kwento kay doc. Sana po matanggal nyo, parang may something eh. Di ko lang po sure. First time ko sa optha na todo ang pinaggagawa sa aking magandang mata. Una pinabasa nya ko nung maliliit na letra sa magkabilaang mata at buti marunong naman ako magbasa. Sumunod ay sinalang nya ko sa gamit nyang makina. Tingin tingin sa itaas ibaba sa kaliwa at kanan. Wala naman siyang makita. Maya-maya lang ay tinurukan pala nya ito ng anesthesia para siguro mas lalo nyang makita ang paligid ng aking mata. Pero sa huli, wala naman na daw yung foreign body puro gasgas na lang daw. Marahil naging sanhi ng aking paghilamos at pagpunas sa aking mata. Kaya din lalong namula at sumakit.

Kinalabasan ay SORE EYES. Niresetahan nya ako ng eyedrops at binigyan ng medical certificate for 2 weeks rest. Wow, bakasyon ito. Ang saya saya ko. Sabi ng boss ko. Magpagaling daw muna ako at wag matigas ang ulo. Ayun, nakaleave ako hanggang ngayon. Kaso ayoko na rin. Nakakabored din pala. Tsaka medyo okay na naman ngayon yung pakiramdam ko. Hindi na rin mapula ang aking mata.

Kaya bukas, bagong simula. Ako ay papasok na.