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The View from Penang Hill

Almost all the prizes were already given away when we left from the venue of the Hard Rock to Rock Run event. By 9:30 in the morning, we were on our way home to recharge our batteries. But we ended up swimming when we arrived. LOL. I just couldn't resist the sun and their inviting pool. I really enjoyed the splash while my friend did me underwater shots. Here's one for you:

I was gonna make tumbling you know (pacquaio?!?)

Anyways, we still got time to visit our next destination, Penang Hill. About 2 in the afternoon, when we arrived at Komtar Terminal, the central terminal in George Town. We waited a bit for the bus 204 going to Air Itam where Penang Hill is bounded.

Going Up Penang Hill
You can either hike for 2 to 3 hours or by taking the Penang railway for about 10 minutes. My friend immediately went straight ahead to administration office to get some train tix while I went my way around the area taking pictures.

On top of Penang Hill, you can see the Penang Bridge that connects to the mainland (above) and the highest building in the island, Komtar Tower or also called as Menara Komtar Complex (below).

The cool breeze at the top gives you a relaxing feeling while exploring the place. We came across a fellow brother and sister from Mindanao. But we spoke in English because they cannot understand Tagalog.

The hilltop would not bore you as walk around the place, you will find a Hindu temple, mosque, souvenir shops and restaurants.

After spending an hour in Penang Hill, it was enough for us to enjoy the view and the scenery. So, we headed towards our next stop...


Michael said...

Awesome photos RD! Keep 'em coming. Ciao!

KC Canlas | Spread Some Awesome said...

Where is Penang?

ardee sean said...

@KC Canlas | Spread Some Awesome: north part of malaysia.. maliit siya na island, about 8 hours away ito from singapore by bus..

Thirdy Lopez said...

gusto kong pumunta ng Penang!

ardee sean said...

@Thirdy Lopez: go lang ng go.. :P