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My Jelo is My Heroine

My sis told me this story..

One afternoon, she and my other bro was making 'petiks' at home but instead of being bored and all that, they went into their jamming session.

Got their video and sounds ready and then they started to rock.

Things gone great with the two. Their performance is awesome but they weren't really the next best thing, my Jelo is. Jelo passed by their jamming area and noticed there was a recording going on, when he finally grasps it, eventually he joined the two and bravo, he surpassed their performance and their charm. He was so cool. Sobrang panalo! Sobrang natuwa ako.. :D

Eto cia... tadah!!!

My Heroine (their piece)

You taught my heart
A sense I never knew I had
I can't forget
The times that I was lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine

David Cook is American Idol

The finale was super stunning. With the performances of Carrie underwood, Jonas Brothers and One Republic. There was also Bryan Adams, Donna Summer and of course the current American Idol, Jordin Sparks. And alot more with the American Idol Top 12. And also, to mention, our very own Reynaldo Lapuz with his marching band makes Paula Abdul dance to the groove.

I was so thrilled because last night's David vs David showdown was more of David Archuleta. That's because of Mr Simon telling us that Archie came down there to win and to knock out David Cook. Well, Archie is young, talented and his voice is really pleasing to everyone's ear. The next hot teen star as some would say. And then there's the more groomed one, David Cook built up to be more than an idol. I mean, he's phenomenal and i mean he already made his name in the music scene with his hit songs so win or lose, he still rocks.

It really seems hard to choose between David and David coz they really had their own uniqueness and charm. They're both deserving.
This season's finale was totally grandeur and put a bit more of a pressure, but America will only vote for one Idol, only one and no one but his name is David.

Yes ..

and finally America has voted..

David Cook is American Idol !!!

Madonna Decena Sings For Her Kids

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Madonna Decena Update

She's out from Britain's Got Talent Top 10!

Madonna Decena, 32, a club singer and a single mom of her two daughters had us delighted when she sang her rendition of 'I will always love you' on her audition to Britain's Got Talent. She was applauded and got an standing ovation to British audiences at Manchester theatre and melted everyone's heart for she was singing for her kids. Its truly amazing how she did her life changing moment making every pinoy proud.

Another proof that in every part of the world, just tells us that we Filipinos are one of the best in the world.

Happy Mom's Day To Everyone

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It's really not an ordinary day today because its the day we honor all the moms in the world.

Thank You Ma, for every sacrifices you've given us to become what we are now. Thanks for your undying love and care for us. Chill ka lang, Ma, make sure you have a good time coz its your day today. You deserve everything coz you're the greatest Mom in the whole wide world. No matter what, we'll always be here at your side. We Love You Much :x

Ironman Is Da Man


Watched 'IRON MAN' Wednesday night @ Gateway Mall with officemates. Great movie and fun, fun, FUN!!