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Christmas at the Orchard

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Earlier, I have caught the Christmas Spirit at Clarke Quay. Now, it's time for the Orchard Road.
rdsean christmas balls

The long stretch of this shopping belt is indeed more lighter with the Christmas feel. You can see families and children enjoying and having a good time around the Christmas trees.

rdsean orchard christmas paragonThe Golden Christmas Tree at Paragon

Shopping?!? Nah.. I'm not into shopping. I'm good at just walking around and do sightseeing and if I'd be lucky I might just be given free soda or snack while a lot of promotions are being offered along the area.

rdsean orchard christmas ngee ann city
A tall Christmas Tree at Ngee Ann City

The place is just full of colors and charm and if you get too emotional, well, probably you will gonna miss your loved ones from afar. Everything is love and happiness.

rdsean orchard christmas tangs
Sweet Reminder at Tangs Plaza

At the end of the day, it's just how we see things and appreciate what is around us. Everyday is a beautiful day.

Sidetrip to Malaysia

Last year, my Sidetrip to Malaysia with friends was really an adventure. Good thing, I passed the immigration after being asked with circling questions that took me a longer time in the queue. Yes, it's me already -- a student going out to night parties across the border.

Anyway, I got in and my first impression with Kuala Lumpur feels like I was actually in Manila. A busy city but of similar cost of living. Buildings so tall, roads filled with vehicles, people walking the streets and affordable goods -- the feel was just so the same.

Malaysia offers a lot of remarkable structures like that of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Lord Murugan in Batu Caves which really are impressive. Even the Genting Skyway at the Highlands I so enjoyed. Luckily, we met a fellow 'kabayan' that became our instant tourist guide and made our whole side trip more comfortable.

For the food, we didn't explore much about it because we're not the foodie explorer type. We were provided free breakfast on the guest house where we stayed while we took lunch and dinner to fast food chains.

Surely, Malaysia is worth a visit when you're going to an Asian Tour coming from Singapore. I know some of my friends made it to Singapore-Malaysia-Bangkok-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam trip but for us, we did not have enough time for the whole tour. For the rest of Asia, we will surely have time for you next time. :)

Batu Caves and Lord Murugan

From KL Sentral station, we took the KTM commuter train to the Sentul Station for RM2. Then we opted to take the taxi from there. It was more convenient for us to go to this tourist attraction via taxi since we were travelling by four. And in just a few minutes, we have arrived to Batu Caves.

WOOOOWWW!!!! (Malaking nganga talaga ng wow mga 10 seconds.. wala ng bukas..)

I have been in awe when I saw how huge the statue of Lord Murugan is -- standing in the place of worship in Batu Caves and seems to be guarding the area. To our amazement, we took tons of pictures with just the same views for the first 15 minutes. (OA lang.. hahah)

In order to enter the Batu Caves, one must climb the 272 steps from the ground and this really got me excited. I was so eager to feel what is like inside the cave, how the view is up there and if I can go to a higher level than the statue. Even thinking if there is an entrance to the Lord Murugan statue, you know, like that of the Statue of Liberty in New York where its crown serves as an observation deck.

Anyway, we went on our way and carried our own water para pang-gasolina. But if you want to carry and give something with the 'tiny little creatures' along the way, it would be great too. As we went up, I kept looking back to see the view and Lord Murugan.

The Batu Caves has three caves and this one was the biggest, it is referred to as Cathedral Cave or Temple Cave. There were several Hindu shrines inside with tourists enjoying the ambiance in a cool breeze. And as we look around, we saw this part of the cave with a tiny opening which allowed the light to pass through it.

We looked up and we can see the clear blue skies with green lushes of forest. It really looks relax and comfy in there. As we trip our eyes around, there were numerous 'tiny little creatures' some quite territorial but what struck us is the baby creature crying out for something, and soon his parent went to attend his need. So sweet.

You can also try rock climbing in the caves. As for us, it was the end of our beautiful day. We went back to our hostel and readied ourselves on our way back to Singapore and have the flight going to the Philippines.

Amazing Race to Kuala Lumpur

As I've said in My 2010 Travel In Pictures, here's a series of events how my friends and I truly had an amazing race to Kuala Lumpur.

Day 1 was Universal Studios Singapore Day. It was too late for us to get tickets at Vivo City in Harbourfront. Amazingly, two friendly tourists were there to help. They advise us not to take the tickets on any Universal Studios booth because it would take us a long queue or even tickets could already be sold out in that time of the day. It was around 10AM. They told us it would be better having a reservation online. And so, we did.

After USS and while we were on our way back to our hostel, we were planning about going to Malaysia. And just there and then we decided to go. As we arrived on our hostel, we asked the receptionist if he can refer an accomodation for us in Malaysia. We were having a hard time looking for a place to stay that would be cheap or would fit into our budget. It was peak season. Eventually, we have found one that is close to Puduraya Terminal and with an average ratings on the hostel websites.

Petronas Towers Skybridge. The skybridge that connects the two towers on the 41st and 42nd floor. You can see the city view of Kuala Lumpur.

After the accommodation, our receptionist phoned the bus station and got a scheduled trip. With a little rain and no dinner yet, we rushed to the bus station that was about to depart to Kuala Lumpur. Amazingly, the bus operator were able to wait for us and so we were able to get our tickets in their office and be the last ones to ride their bus.

Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower. Where you can dine in at revolving restaurant to give you a panoramic view of the city.

We arrived in KL looking for a wifi spot to check where the hostel was and capture a map on the area as reference so as not to be fooled when we take a taxi ride. Luckily, there was a McDonalds nearby. It was early 4 in the morning when we got to the hostel just few minutes away from the terminal. The area was too dark and we were knocking the door for the nth time. Until finally, a woman opened for us - the receptionist. She then assisted us while we checked in.

KTM Berhad. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

We had early breakfast and we planned to go first at the Petronas Towers. We know we needed to go there early as it only have a certain time of viewing and a limited number of tourists. Tickets are sold out about 10AM. Our hostel was walkable to Kuala Lumpur's landmark about fifteen minutes maybe but we still rode a taxi just to be sure we get there first. And on our way, we noticed the meter was jumping and we were like going circles. I told my colleagues that something is not right on the meter and they also noticed that. So we asked the driver why it went up like triple the regular fare, he just told us we passed by some express lane and telling us certain extra charges. We just did not argued too much because we were so conscious of the time. We run towards the entrance of the tower and BOOM!! there were a crowd of tourists on the area as if there were no assurance of getting in for the cutoff time. Yes, they have a limited time for this site as the building is commercial and on its operating hours. Luckily, we made it. We went to the skybridge and really enjoyed the view. But still thinking, oh, darn that taxi!!

Berjaya Times Square Malaysia. A shopping haven and 5-star hotel.

After the tower, we went walking along that area and we met fellow Filipinos that toured us in their place of worship, Masjid Negara. After about 30 minutes, we walk pass around some malls and then continued our bonding moments back to our hostel. It was a bit tiring day for the transition from Singapore to Malaysia but at the end of the day, we were so happy and fulfilled.

Top 10 Bulakbol Photo Contest

Judge 1: isa pang kuha na pwede sa travel blog/magazine
Judge 2: spell RELAXATION haha, eto ang epic example!
Judge 3: One of my favorites as well. Wanna go inside the picture, and make use of that hammock.
Judge 4: Ingit na naman ako. Senysa, partial talaga ako sa beach
Judge 5: Mas-wide sana dapat yun shot, para kita pa yun background. Maganda naman sya.
ang ika-sampu

WTF?? ANSAVEEHHH?!? (Parang bingi lang) This is my initial reaction when I saw my entry in Bulakbol Photo Contest reached the TOP 10. I had my BIGGEST SMILE and I just don't know what to say. I really could not believe it. Then I stopped in a moment thinking if that's the final rankings. I was thinking they will gonna pick top 10 entries and everyone will fight each other until they get to top 5 and have a question and answer portion. (Parang Miss U lang ang drama at nageexpect pa talaga ako.. hahaha)

Anyways, me really surprise. I din't expect that I came from the toff 10. Oh my god. Uhmm. I'm ok. I'm so sorry. This was really my perstaym because em only 16 years old. Eto. Uhmm..Haha.. But I said dot this will be a treasure I'll keep in my entire life. Thank you to my sponsors, Bantayan Beach Resort, Cebu pamily, friends, judges of the contest and Bulakbol for your comments and appreciation. I thank you much.

Christmas at Clarke Quay

My friends and I were watching football game in a bar. We were serious and screaming for our own teams. When the game was finished, the night was just starting. We walked towards Clarke Quay and the biggest Halloween party is just about to happen. We drunk a few booze one bar after the other. We saw different costumes. Freaky. Scary. Wild. Crowds of partiers draws more and more as the night goes deeper. It was really fun and amazing night.

Two weeks after I came back to the place, then it transformed to a different ambiance. It's Christmas time in the city!!!

I was sitting through the steps along the river and suddenly I heard some Christmas songs play in the background. The Christmas lights were turned on and started to twinkle. Whew, I can feel it in the air.

It became an instant amusement. As people passed by this scene, I can see them smiling and their eyes are glowing. The children were just so amazed and playful with the bubbles.

I never thought that this is gonna be so colorful and bright. I am just so happy to see this.

At the same time, I kinda miss home. A lot of them. I'll see you soon. :P

Pacquaio-Marquez Final Match in Trilogy this November 2011

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Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez is all warmed up to finish the fight they have started since 2004. This November 12, 2011 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, the trilogy ends between the best of the best fighters of the world. The battle of this two great boxers have been much talked about because of the controversial decisions -- the first was a draw, and the second in favor with Pacquiao.
Image from the web

Yet, another day that is surely marked by most Filipinos to watch and wait for the fight of The People's Champ or Pambansang Kamao, just a few names given to the No. 1 pound-for-pound best boxer of the world and the Fighter of the Decade, Manny Pacquiao.

A usual scene in a bar when Pacquiao is on fight. Surely, Filipinos will flock to the cinemas, restaurants and hotels, in their homes and in every community and streets in the Philippines and around the world to cheer for the boxing hero.

5 Seconds to Five Fifty

And the BULAKBOLERO PHOTO CONTEST is officially closed...

I love the background music, 'Barkada Ko' and by the way, as the post title goes that's my entry right there. :)

October 2011 This Month's Top Sites

Today, I am launching This Month's Top Sites, just a random stuff (I guess, wala kasing magawa at nairita ako sa tuwing bubuksan ang browser.. LOL).
As seen in the picture above, here are the list of the top sites I frequented for the month of October:

1. - I really like to see the headlines shown in their slider. It helps me a lot to pick what's the latest trend or what's the best to read about. I roam around from Yahoo US, UK, SG, Malaysia and of course PH.
2. - I usually bounce to CNNGo, their travel blog. I dunno why. LOL
3. - News. News. And more news.
4. - Where I discovered all the lovers.. paging kalye wan, kalye tu.. :D
5. - Of course, pag medyo tipid mode, abangers na lang sa promo.. haha
6. - I am just looking forward for the holidays, of course, we need to be prepared for all the celebrations.. lels..
7. - I want to be a translator. Actually, I also got this on my phone.
8. - I always wanted to check the places I want to go. (Baka kasi malipat sa mapa)
9. - I tweet more than I fb.
10. - When the Facebook timeline and other updates was still fresh, I was also fresh. LOL. I mean, I celebrated a new day of birth. :)
11. - When PGT season 3 was aired, i went all down to the site to watch em, only to find out that the FINALS would turn out to be so damn okay. (Haha) But I also watch Showtime and GGV.
12. - Tangkilikin ang sariling akin.