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Shopping Runway To The Orchard Road


Do you love shopping?
Are you a shopaholic?

Well, the right place for you is Orchard Road.

Everyday, tourists and shoppers flock together in this long stretch of shopping malls and stores with variety of entertainment gigs along the Orchard Road. This is the shopping belt of Singapore where it keeps you from up-to-date global trends and fashion. One can truly enjoy strutting their stuff while they do the runway because you are not gonna leave the place without a shopping bag in your hand.

I have picked some of the establishments along the Orchard Road that I was delighted and came to enjoy.

ION Orchard is probably the most recognizable structure in the area because of its uniqueness and its cutting-edge wall, the Media Facade. It houses the signature and designer shops of Prada To Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio and Cartier.

Ngee Ann City is the largest shopping mall along the area. Aside from Louis Vuitton, it also has Chanel and Japanese department store - Takashimaya in store.

Looking for Mark, Spencer and the Toys? The Paragon is what you're looking for. Mark & Spencer and Toys 'R' Us along with Gucci, Miu Miu and Burberry can all be found here.

And of course, not to forget, our very own Lucky Plaza or in short LP. This is the place where some of our kababayans meetup with friends during off days and also it is where you can find various products only from the Philippines.

The Count, The Immortals and Superman

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There is no stopping the Greeks and superheroes to reign over the cinemas for the next few years. Two of the much awaited films is being done all by the same versatile actor. He is none other, Henry Cavill who just turned 28 this year.

He is from a young Henry Cavill on 2002's box office film The Count of Monte Cristo, playing the role of Albert Mondego, son of The Count.

Now, after the count, comes his upcoming movie The Immortals where he is a Greek god, Theseus chosen to protect his homeland and save the gods. The film is set to release 11.11.11.

Watch the official trailer here.

Another big project he has to offer is still on the works. The Man of Steel where he plays Clark Kent will regain its glory and become the hero the world known as 'Superman'. This movie will set to fly up, up and away June of 2013.

Here's a glimpse on the Man of Steel

My Friendly Travel Buddies

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I have never felt such grace in walking around a city until I step down in Singapore. Not only it is clean and safe but also welcoming. Every tourists are treated politely and guided with maps that are located just everywhere, from MRT to Bus Stations. Brochure maps are also provided from the airport or to your hotel/hostel of your choice. Or they can assist you personally until you get to where your destination is. All along I came to know my friendly travel buddies.

First, is the local map that I got from my hostel. I always have the map of Central Singapore on hand whenever I go out in my first few days here in Singapore.

Second is the Backpacker's Book that I shared with my Japanese friend. This book gives you a lot of information about the place and suggests you where-to-go, what-to-eat and must-experience.

And last but definitely not the least, is my mobile. To a more developed country like Singapore, where technology is at high (I mean the wifi access is just around, and speed doesn't really spoil), you can definitely roam around anywhere you want with the help of your mobile. There are apps for travel and transportation that will help your way around Singapore like gothere, iris SBS transit, SMRT Book a taxi and a lot more .

I already posted some places I've walked around the city on the Travel Outside the Philippines widget box on the side. And more of it on the next and upcoming posts.

The Climb To Mount Pinatubo

After the 4x4 adventure ride we had, we are now down to the base of Mount Pinatubo. This is the Skyway Route where our easy trek to the Pinatubo Crater Lake starts. It would only take a few minutes to take. And as the signage would suggests..
(uhmm.. ehemm.. excuse me mare, mali ang blocking mo.. hehe)

Anyways, here's what it say..
For Young age, 15 minutes
Middle age, 18 minutes
Senior Citizen, 20 minutes

Where do you belong?
(Dito na magkakabukingan.. bwahaha)

Pinatubo, here we come!!!

Sinong Senior citizen dito?

Actually this is just a normal walk on the mountains.

Ano daw? Kunwari di narinig..

Stony and sometimes slippery. But not too rough or hard. Who's gonna say it is tiring?

Pagod? Sino may sabi?

Well, the other route should have been about 4 hours trek in Crow Valley.

We hurried as we saw a glimpse of this unwavering beauty and then BAM!!!

We were in absolute awe seeing this view as spectacular as it can be. As in, A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Finally finished the trek in 15 minutes..

Yeahhhh!!! We are finally here.. I still can't believe.

The 3 little pink tents

We settled our things to our little pink tents that were assembled near the turquoise water of Mount Pinatubo.

Kainan muna

Then we took our lunch first to replenish our strength and have enough because we'll definitely have to take a plunge into the waters.

Soon after, we got into a boat that took us to the other side of Pinatubo Crater Lake where the swimming area is recommended as it has warm waters that one can really enjoy.

off to the other side of this crater

And this is actually the place where they say it is warm. Here is the place where we get to swim. LOL

hot water yan, pwede magluto boiled egg

Seriously, the water along the shoreline is hot. Eventually it gets warm but as you go deeper or in the middle, its really cold.

swimming na

We really have so much fun and photo shoots on the side. And now, it's time to leave a mark. Strike a pose!!

momentum posenya galore

We went back to our camp. And finally giving our last glance to Mount Pinatubo which we will always treasure.

last glimpse

But who knows it might not be the last?

The 4x4 Experience To Mount Pinatubo

It was a 1-day activity of pure fun and excitement... After a long wait of dreaming the climb to Pinatubo, we finally put an end to this last year, 2010.

Our group met at Partas Terminal, Cubao and got to the bus heading to the north. And after about 2 and a half hour away from Manila.

Our conquest starts with a long 4x4 drive...

There were a lot of dust from the sands of lahar...

but we still did love how the wind waves our hair.. and the sun rising over our skin..

Our excitement grew as we shared laughs on this road trip,

witnessed with splashes of water..

.. as we passed by streams, river and hotsprings..

We even had a stopover for kodak moments..

see.. :P

We felt like we have been to Splash Island or in Rio Grande at Enchanted Kingdom that moment.

And as we draw nearer to this dream destination,

a rollercoaster ride would definitely add up to the total fun and excitement.

We passed by valleys of lahar..

bumpy and rough terrain.. and high steep slopes...

We were in adrenaline rush. Imagining how long our vehicle can hold on to this road and how will it surpass an almost 90 degrees highs and lows in our ride.

And suddenly, our vehicle went down.. good thing it was not too bad.. we just need to walk down and wait for the car below the safe ground..

And yes, we still managed to have photos with our fellow Aeta brothers... SMILE :D

So glad we chose more than an hour 4x4 drive of going to Mount Pinatubo. But there is another way of getting there -- by trekking approximately 2 hours that is equally challenging too.

You would definitely need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and if you're not kinda cool with the sun, apply sunblock or have an arm sleeves.

The Battle Between Nikon and Canon

I have always liked taking the shots. Capturing the moments, beautiful places and faces. And making them immortalized.

I am caught on a dilemma between these two cameras that are really known for imaging and photography - Nikon and Canon. These DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex cameras) are both from the high tech Japan.

I was asking some friends what camera should I buy because I was thinking if there should be desired specifications. Or probably the one that has the most number of features.

But then, these two DSLRs have their own qualities that maybe it would just matter on how well you are gonna explore and use them.

Whatcha think?