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Amazing Race to Kuala Lumpur

As I've said in My 2010 Travel In Pictures, here's a series of events how my friends and I truly had an amazing race to Kuala Lumpur.

Day 1 was Universal Studios Singapore Day. It was too late for us to get tickets at Vivo City in Harbourfront. Amazingly, two friendly tourists were there to help. They advise us not to take the tickets on any Universal Studios booth because it would take us a long queue or even tickets could already be sold out in that time of the day. It was around 10AM. They told us it would be better having a reservation online. And so, we did.

After USS and while we were on our way back to our hostel, we were planning about going to Malaysia. And just there and then we decided to go. As we arrived on our hostel, we asked the receptionist if he can refer an accomodation for us in Malaysia. We were having a hard time looking for a place to stay that would be cheap or would fit into our budget. It was peak season. Eventually, we have found one that is close to Puduraya Terminal and with an average ratings on the hostel websites.

Petronas Towers Skybridge. The skybridge that connects the two towers on the 41st and 42nd floor. You can see the city view of Kuala Lumpur.

After the accommodation, our receptionist phoned the bus station and got a scheduled trip. With a little rain and no dinner yet, we rushed to the bus station that was about to depart to Kuala Lumpur. Amazingly, the bus operator were able to wait for us and so we were able to get our tickets in their office and be the last ones to ride their bus.

Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower. Where you can dine in at revolving restaurant to give you a panoramic view of the city.

We arrived in KL looking for a wifi spot to check where the hostel was and capture a map on the area as reference so as not to be fooled when we take a taxi ride. Luckily, there was a McDonalds nearby. It was early 4 in the morning when we got to the hostel just few minutes away from the terminal. The area was too dark and we were knocking the door for the nth time. Until finally, a woman opened for us - the receptionist. She then assisted us while we checked in.

KTM Berhad. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

We had early breakfast and we planned to go first at the Petronas Towers. We know we needed to go there early as it only have a certain time of viewing and a limited number of tourists. Tickets are sold out about 10AM. Our hostel was walkable to Kuala Lumpur's landmark about fifteen minutes maybe but we still rode a taxi just to be sure we get there first. And on our way, we noticed the meter was jumping and we were like going circles. I told my colleagues that something is not right on the meter and they also noticed that. So we asked the driver why it went up like triple the regular fare, he just told us we passed by some express lane and telling us certain extra charges. We just did not argued too much because we were so conscious of the time. We run towards the entrance of the tower and BOOM!! there were a crowd of tourists on the area as if there were no assurance of getting in for the cutoff time. Yes, they have a limited time for this site as the building is commercial and on its operating hours. Luckily, we made it. We went to the skybridge and really enjoyed the view. But still thinking, oh, darn that taxi!!

Berjaya Times Square Malaysia. A shopping haven and 5-star hotel.

After the tower, we went walking along that area and we met fellow Filipinos that toured us in their place of worship, Masjid Negara. After about 30 minutes, we walk pass around some malls and then continued our bonding moments back to our hostel. It was a bit tiring day for the transition from Singapore to Malaysia but at the end of the day, we were so happy and fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish one day, someday... makakapagtravel dn ako sa mga lugar katulad nito..

Singapore to Malaysia.. Wow!

Tago Fabic said...

OOoh, I wasn't able to go up to the bridge of Petronas. Sayang! But nice adventure ah! :D

lakwatsera de primera said...

Parang kahit weekdays laging box office ang pila sa Petronas, buti umabot kayo :)

ardee sean said...

@Leah: go lang ng go.. kaya yan.. :P

ardee sean said...

@lakwatsera de primera: tama, dami lang tao.. pumila na kami agad pagdating dun, kala nga namin mauubusan na kami tiket.. eh ayun, swerte lng.. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am dreaming of being in or have a tour in Malaysia. Ganda ng mga pics and ng blog about it, nakak excite tuloy pumunta!


Thirdy Lopez said...

Wow umakyat kayo ng Petronas... Trinay namen yan pero HELLO, Pila!

Nag-KL Tower na lang kame... Mas mataas pa!


ardee sean said...

@Thirdy Lopez: tomoh!! parang sardinas early morning pa lang.. hehe nice din sa KL tower..

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

nice ng mga buildings sa Malaysia noh? I love it there. ganda pala ng museum,too bad na miss ko yan, ewan baket. hehe

ardee sean said...

@thepinaysolobackpacker: yep, so agree.. 50-50 pa ata ako sa love love na yan.. heheh