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The Climb To Mount Pinatubo

After the 4x4 adventure ride we had, we are now down to the base of Mount Pinatubo. This is the Skyway Route where our easy trek to the Pinatubo Crater Lake starts. It would only take a few minutes to take. And as the signage would suggests..
(uhmm.. ehemm.. excuse me mare, mali ang blocking mo.. hehe)

Anyways, here's what it say..
For Young age, 15 minutes
Middle age, 18 minutes
Senior Citizen, 20 minutes

Where do you belong?
(Dito na magkakabukingan.. bwahaha)

Pinatubo, here we come!!!

Sinong Senior citizen dito?

Actually this is just a normal walk on the mountains.

Ano daw? Kunwari di narinig..

Stony and sometimes slippery. But not too rough or hard. Who's gonna say it is tiring?

Pagod? Sino may sabi?

Well, the other route should have been about 4 hours trek in Crow Valley.

We hurried as we saw a glimpse of this unwavering beauty and then BAM!!!

We were in absolute awe seeing this view as spectacular as it can be. As in, A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Finally finished the trek in 15 minutes..

Yeahhhh!!! We are finally here.. I still can't believe.

The 3 little pink tents

We settled our things to our little pink tents that were assembled near the turquoise water of Mount Pinatubo.

Kainan muna

Then we took our lunch first to replenish our strength and have enough because we'll definitely have to take a plunge into the waters.

Soon after, we got into a boat that took us to the other side of Pinatubo Crater Lake where the swimming area is recommended as it has warm waters that one can really enjoy.

off to the other side of this crater

And this is actually the place where they say it is warm. Here is the place where we get to swim. LOL

hot water yan, pwede magluto boiled egg

Seriously, the water along the shoreline is hot. Eventually it gets warm but as you go deeper or in the middle, its really cold.

swimming na

We really have so much fun and photo shoots on the side. And now, it's time to leave a mark. Strike a pose!!

momentum posenya galore

We went back to our camp. And finally giving our last glance to Mount Pinatubo which we will always treasure.

last glimpse

But who knows it might not be the last?


Anonymous said...

Huwaw!! Ang ganda ng view. Gusto ko ring mapuntahan yung Mt Pinatubo.. Someday.. Hopefully. :)

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

homaygawsh :) hang ganda. parang feel na feel mo ang kalikasan at ang blue blue crater lake (?!?) hahaha! gusto ko din!

ardee sean said...

@leah: monaleah, kaya yan.. basta may hope :P

ardee sean said...

@Nowitzki Tramonto: kelangan talga ifeel.. heheh alin ang gusto mo din? hoho