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Welcome to Aninuan Falls

After the many thrills climbing to the top.. We're finally here !!! whooaa..

It was a beauty hidden from many.

I had a struggle getting close to the falls. Below it, was a really deep pool. I couldn't reach my feet on the ground. (As per measurement of Faru, twas beyond her height with two hands raised..) I know how to float and swim but my fear conquered me first.

I was holding on to the rocks so tight (I really did so much effort, as in), it was slippery and at some point, I felt like I was to fall anytime. But thank God, I never fell. I was a bit drowned. I was kinda dismayed I can't get any closer to the falls. But I tried, we tried. My friends assisted me and I could never imagine how hard they tried to get me there.

But, we did it...

Thanks to this two brave souls, Faru and BJ, for letting me conquer my fear while singing in the heavens.. 'Kapit ka sa akin, at hindi kita bibitawan...'

I was given a life vest going back to shore.


lady said...

haynaku nangiinggit... hmpf

haha.. biter bitteran kasi as of now hanging pa ung mga lakad ko for summer hmpf la man lang bakasyon.

travelphilippines said...

how far to from white beach?

ardee sean said...

@lady: oks lang yun, may next year pa naman eh.. hehehe :P

@travelphilippines: as per my research, its 2km away from white beach..