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My Jelo is My Heroine

My sis told me this story..

One afternoon, she and my other bro was making 'petiks' at home but instead of being bored and all that, they went into their jamming session.

Got their video and sounds ready and then they started to rock.

Things gone great with the two. Their performance is awesome but they weren't really the next best thing, my Jelo is. Jelo passed by their jamming area and noticed there was a recording going on, when he finally grasps it, eventually he joined the two and bravo, he surpassed their performance and their charm. He was so cool. Sobrang panalo! Sobrang natuwa ako.. :D

Eto cia... tadah!!!

My Heroine (their piece)

You taught my heart
A sense I never knew I had
I can't forget
The times that I was lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine


Emierald said...

Kamukha mo yung kapatid mo na naka pink shirt and yellow shorts pag nka side view.. haha :)

Anonymous said...

kmusta naman akala ko ikaw sya ba yung nagpabili ng bear may pinagmanahan he hehehehe


rb said...

haha.. magkamukha? ndi nmn eh.. haha..