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P10 Add-on Taxi Fare

Just heard an additional increase on taxi fare, but I'm still wondering what's with the raise and how its gonna be.

I tried riding a taxi/cab going to office and I asked the driver if he has any sticker or registration or whatever proof he has that he is authorized for the additional fare, and he simply answered, 'Mahal na din po kasi gasolina'.

After work, I tried browsing the net about the taxi fare and here's what I got.

July 25 was the start of the implementation of this increase, but the LTFRB have issued stickers even earlier so as to cater all the taxis. But then, they are not allowed yet to ask for add-on fare. Now the thing is, the taxi should also have their stickers first before they ask you for an additional fare. Any violations on this, the taxi would be fined for 1000.

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