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House Party Friends

One night, my friends and I went to a house party which I really enjoyed. It was all crazy and fun. Booze all night. Non-stop music. Beau friends. Whereelse? But when we called the night, I was a bit tipsy and this girl came up to me and started carressing me. It was normal for me doing handshakes, embraces and smack to friends. She was just so aggressive that she moved on me until she kissed me so long but I still dint mind. But after that incident, she was getting even closer and closer to me which I felt like she might think that I wanted "us". For me, that was just a kiss and we're just friends so I'd stick to what I feel for her. My worry is that she might expect more of me than just a friend and I don't know how to tell her what I feel. I'm concerned and I don't want our friendship to go.


Just because lips have met doesn't mean hearts have joined... sabi nga nila. Usap kayo if she gives you another chance to talk about it. Much better pa yun kesa lumalim pa yung nararamdaman nya sayo na taliwas naman sa nararamdaman mo sa kanya. Just make it clear after nung usap nyo it doesn't change things on your part, yung feelings mo ganun pa din. If it doesn't work that way on her part, yun na yung catch. You be ready whatever that is, kung di kaya, then that's another story.

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