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Uso sa opis?

Aside from the time I spent with Multiply, I've been having a few sessions on DOTA with my colleagues, at the moment. I don't wanna say I'm addicted to it but I guess, I kinda am. :P

I thought I've already graduated on these PC Games.

It was back in college when I had too much fun on CS and Diablo. It was like no days without screaming at war in CS and no nights I'd sleep without thinking how am I to finish my quest in Diablo.

For me, RPG Games that came after was no more to be noticed because I knew I was getting too old for that anymore. I always see my younger siblings playing the game but I just ignore it.

Not until now.. Wahaha..

I was so newbie about it. But now, it's better, I could get used into it.

The game is easy as long as you got time to read. For me, I'm still a bit lazy reading whatever it is to read..errrrr..


Eben said...

minsan na akong na-adik dyan. hehehe. kakamiss mag DoTA!

~ My ~ said...

mga adik! :p

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ardee sean said...

@eben: adik ka pala eben, di ka nagyayaya :P

@~ My ~: wakokok... ayus lang po yun. minsan talaga may mga adik! hahaha

@tom hanks: ei budd, thanks for your message, its really flattering.