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PMP Time

It's the time of the year where we assess our previous year's work and at the same time provide goals for future tasks and projects.

The way we do it
Rate ourselves to the given criteria from 1-4 (1-Unacceptable 2-Need Improvement 3-Good 4-Outstanding)
Defend why we have come up with that rating
Identify strengths and weaknesses
Plot development plans for the year
Issues and Concerns

I din't really put emphasis on the rating part, actually I just summarized it like all ratings were at the good rating because I believe I've been a good employee to them abiding with company processes and policies, having delivered the tasks and projects and performed my duties and responsibilities.

I was more into the issues and concerns, this is as follows:
(I've raised this not only for my own sake, but also, for the team)

Certification Allowances

We do have allowances for MCP, MCAD, et al. And still we are asking for an additional allowance that includes MCTS certification since we've been developing our projects in .NET framework 2.0.

But a phased-out certifications policy is currently being studied,
Certification that may not be needed over time shall be removed from the tiers table. There shall be no compensations for phased-out certifications and titles.

My stand is that we are still handling projects under 1.1 .NET Framework and ASP classic so we still want the old allowance retained. The point is -- could we make that as an accumulative incentive or should there be other alternatives?

-Reminds me of this line-
"Professionals are not born. They are certified..." And phased-out?!?

Incentives for projects
We are given this because we are developing a project on a tight schedule that would require us to work on weekends or even on holidays. It will be per phase/stage of the project. Hoping the policy would be clear as to when is effective and how will the process be.

We've raised this recently for mobility purposes. Since we are having a tight schedule on the project, why not have laptops so that if we needed to work on tough scheds, we could easily work even at home.

Smart decisions comes in when you're relaxed.


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