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Hard Choices Ahead

Wow, where do I begin?

I just wanna talk about the movement going on around me. First, I know that most of us if not affected, had been aware of the crisis the world has been experiencing for months now. I've heard and read some stories about it and even I know some friends who had been layed off and had caused them trauma. It is sad when you're being singled out in terms of LIFO(Last In First Out), as if you never got the chance to fight.

And amidst about all this, there's still high attrition to some companies you might seem stable.(The ones we know that is not affected of the crisis) But why the attrition, there might be something wrong. What you think?

Anyways, whether we are in or out of the crisis, for me, the bigger picture is we still seek for bigger opportunities once they are needed or rather not getting what's your worth to the company, because if not all most of us, has dreams that we hold on to.

On the other hand, when you are the company, you also have the options of letting your employees go coz you need to make some reduction and employees can't do anything about that. Or rather, companies can keep the one's loyal but they never know what's their worth. I believe that's there's a lot of situations that are unselfish they just come through case to case.

The point is we all have a choice. We just have to pick what we know is best. Even President Obama has a choice, even Hard Choices Ahead.

"When the going gets tough, the TOUGH gets going..."

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Call(Center)Boy said...

"And amidst about all this, there's still high attrition to some companies you might seem stable. Well then, there might be something wrong..."

There must be something wrong with the management that the employees chose to plunge themselves into the abyss of uncertainty than to remain in their current companies. Perhaps there are untolerable circumstances they are experiencing.

Despite the recession, different opportunities are there all the time. Never lose hope. Never listen to the doomsdayers, insecure and negative people that want you to believe that there is nothing out there but closed doors. Should there be a missed opportunity, onother one follows and perhaps much better than the former.