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Sendong My Heart To Mindanao

As of this writing, the Tropical Storm Sendong or known internationally as 'Washi' has left an alarming number of casualties, hitting over 1,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Let's continue sending our hearts to those families affected about this tragedy. (You can click the images for more information.)


pusang kalye said...

bilib nako sayo.kala ko puro kagaguhan lang alam ginintuang puso ka naman pala,nyahaha.joke.basta. I admire you for helping oyur kababayan. you can easily choose to shut your eyes from what is happening here back home coz you have a comfortable life there but you still chose to reach out and help.mabuhay ka ardee!!!seriously.

Michael said...

Hi RD, you're coming home soon. Despite the many things that are going wrong, let's be thankful about the many things that are STILL going right.

Have a safe journey home RD. Take care and a really Merry Christmas to you and your peeps.

Henry said...

Hello! Checking my blogroll friends. Merry Merry Christmas!!!