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SBux Planner worth Sentimental

This was my Starbucks Promo coupon... I've never been interested for the year's organizer but little by little, my coupon was being filled.. and counting..

I have barely 3 more days left before promo expires. It was like impossible to have that filled in but lucky enough, it got extended till February 15. Until I was already hoping I can really have that organizer.

Tadah!! so there... I have it.

And it really worth sentimental because:
(1) IS Team escapades during the not-so-busy day.
(2) Meetup with Ham.
(3) My TRINOMA-tic Experience.
(4) JB shared his coupon.
(5) Coffee for us at Greenhills Promenade.
(6) Crazees at Shangri-la.


Emierald said...

Wow! Congrats! May planner ka narin.. hehe.. Btw, thanks sa planner na gift mo sakin nung christmas kahit di starbucks planner. :)

ham said...

too late...too late...

ardee sean said...

@emie: planner din pala yun.. hehehe.. nakalimutan ko na naman.. pero yung date natin, di ko kakalimutan ha.. hehe

@ham: ahaha.. c'mon, its never late.. kaya yan.. and actually, di ko pa talaga ginagamit.. though, its my precious..