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6 cu.ft. GE Refrigerator

It took me a really long time to decide on what fridge to buy. Siguro, its because I have too much info at hand again and then trying to consider those things.

I don't really have buying tips but here's from GE Appliances.

Refrigerator Buying Tips
1. How much space do I have for a refrigerator?
2. What type of refrigerator do I want?
3. What color refrigerator do I want?
4. How can I choose a refrigerator that is dependable and long lasting?
5. What features do I want my refrigerator to have?

Questions to ask once you are in the store
6. How well will this refrigerator store my food?
7. How easy is this refrigerator to clean?
8. Is this refrigerator energy efficient?
9. How dependable is this brand of refrigerators?
10. Is there a warranty on this refrigerator and what are the terms?
11. What about delivery and installation?

Click here for the answers.

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