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Take A Picture

This would just be a bit, impromptu lang. Wala lang, I ran through Mugen's blog and was surprisingly strengthen because his background score is one of my faves, 'Take A Picture'. Well, I really dont mind but whenever I hear this song, I felt like I just run through hard times and got survived. And its just feels like a newborn, 'kicking and screaming'. Yeah, its good to be back.. with regained strength.. and you're up and running again... LIFE, that is..

I'd like to dedicate this song too for my sis' who right now faces some storms on her life. Hang in there, sis!

1 comment:

Mugen said...

Nako buti pala dumaan kaagad ako sa blog mo. Kakapalit ko lang ng anthem ko. Di bale ibabalik ko yung filter muna. :)