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Life Is Beautiful

Picture taken on our backyard as I reflect on kodak moments back to the past, it was all beautiful.

At first, the movie had gone so light. It was more of a romantic comedy. I've been mesmerized about Guido, the lead role, on how he handles his everyday life. He is so funny and charismatic for Dora, whom he steals – at her engagement – from her rude and loud fiancé. And who later became his wife and have a son with whose name is, Joshua.

Not until the second half of the movie, when my heart started to break piece by piece. That time Guido and his son Joshua and the rest of the Jews has been held captives over the Nazis and was brought to a penetration camp. This was the time when there was discrimination between the Jews. Learning what happened, Dora insisted to go with them eventhough she was not Jew. Right there, can't help but it was heartbreaking.

I felt for them and question what will gonna happen. In the penetration camp, Guido just to hide the 'evils of this world' from his son, told him everything was all a 'GAME' which they need to gain a thousand points in order to win the grand prize, a tank. I've seen Guido with his imaginations just to make-believe that everything was all well despite the brutalities they was experiencing brought to them by the guards. Wow, this is so brave. How good father he was to his son.. :( hayy..

Guido had shown a very unconditional love to his son which is so admiring. In the end, it was their final test and Guido had instructed Joshua everything he must do to win - to be good and never goes out on his hideout not until everything he hears is silence. And that poor boy was so calm and obedient, unknowingly his father will soon be caught by a guard and be shot to death. Huhuhu.. How sad.. it ended for Guido but it was everything for his son.

When all was at peace, Joshua finally goes out on his hideout and ironically, an American tank arrives just before his eyes to liberate the camp. Thinking they have won the game! Soon Joshua had been reunited with his mother.

This movie is really so inspiring. This all goes to every Dad who never refuses to show inch by inch of their love to their sons and daughters - Father, Daddy, Dad, Tatay, Pa, papi, dada..thanks for making life as beautiful as it could be, we love you! :P


rowena said...

i watched this movie sa big screen..more than a decade ago na yata. tho nakasubs lang but it was a hit that time. nagbest actor pa yata ang lead duon eh at best picture ang movie na to. sobra agos ng luha sa loob ng sinehan sa naalala ko.:0 Hitler really was an evil!!!!

ardee sean said...

Grabe mamaweng, medyo di ko rin mapigilang mapaluha dahil sa pinakita nung father, sobrang awts.. eh neto neto ko lang napanood and sobrang appreciated ung movie.. hayy, life is beautiful..