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Wait Forever

I know our world won't meet, but life is short and so there's no stopping me ...

yes, i wont WAIT FOREVER from letting you know that YOU got a space in me..

..whatever it is that life would bring us.. at least we tried...'s for both of us...

hindi ako lasheeng... :P

Anyways, here's a song from Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano who'll say it all ..

Standing on the great divide
Feel the sudden need to fly
Underneath the open sky
And the river down below

I could keep on running down
I could keep on cheating death and yet somehow
It all ends up the same
And i don’t want to be the one who’s blamed

Can you see that i don’t really have a choice at all
If only for a taste flight
I’d gladly take the fall

So, i say i love you
I don’t wanna wait forever
Just to say, i need you
Doesn’t even have to matter
If it really matter anything to you

I’d gladly take this ride
As long as you are there on the other side
Not making sense at all
Of making sense of it all

So while i can, i’ll take the chance,
I’m diving in
If you need me, i will die –
To feel alive again


I’m falling like
I’ve never done so before
I’m flying against the wind
And here i go


I love you so (i love you), i need you
It doesn’t really matter (no, it doesn’t really matter)
If it really matters anything to you
I love you...


lovely0921_ph said...

awww...that's so sweet... ;)

Mugen said...

Uy!! May tama ka no?

JohnBailor said...

anu behh??

ardee sean said...

@lovely0921ph: thanks for that.. :p

@mugen: medyo lakas ng tama joms..hehehe

@johnbailor: hhhhmmmmmm....

Eben said...

coincidence na naman ardee...

alam mo bang kinakabisado ko 'to ngayon. hahaha.

~ My ~ said...

neks! hindi ka this time totoo na? kwento!

Wait Forever-nice song indeed! i bought his Relevance album becuase of this song :)

ardee sean said...

@eben: bilang mo pa ba kung nakailan na tayo? hehehe.. grabe.. kulit nun ah..

@mylene: because of the song? o ? hhmmmmm...

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