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"R U Set" For Long Weekend

It has been a busy week for me that's why I was so looking forward for a long day off just in time for the holidays that includes Monday (August 18), Ninoy Aquino Day and Tuesday (August 19), Quezon City Day but this has yet to be confirmed.

I wanted to do something. Something different. So I could replenish myself/my strength away with all the bustles of the city life (sabi nga ng isang tinatayong condo sa may amin).

Then came this itinerary,

I was so interested but at the same time I wasn't that sure. I'm not prepared for such trip as of the moment and I was thinking no time that I could accomplish all the necessities for the climb.

When I received a confirmation from my email that it's a non-workday for Monday and Tuesday, then there was no stopping anymore..

I gave it a GO. Thanks to my sponsors (hehehe) and a rush shopping last Saturday.

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