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Upcoming Reposts from Pinoy Kronikels

I was so happy when I got my domain, PinoyKronikels, by May last year.

It was like a dream come true. :)

Since then, I was so eager to discover blogging tools which I never used before. I was in constant connection with Petiksmode for some blogging tips and just about everything. I have posted articles like everyday. Yes, I have regained back my enthusiasm in blogging.

But now on its first year, I am pondering of not continuing my domain subscription anymore. I'm still enjoying the site especially its theme. I even adapted it on my personal site, as you may have noticed.

With some slight changes of plan, I am leaning towards keeping Pinoy Kronikels just until the contract ends. I've also let my other blogmates to redirect back to this personal blog. And sooner, I will repost some of my articles from the site.

Here's an image of my website.

It's sad because somehow this made me alive after some breakdown by that time. But that's just the way it is. People move.

On the lighter note, I will still remain here on my home, Blogger indefinitely. ;)


Abou said...



Novell said...

congratulations rdee, i just learned about the new domain, keep those blogs coming

ardee sean said...

@abou: tanx boss :p

@novell: tanx novell. ;)

pusang kalye said...

simply put---you got exhausted. ganun talaga. nakakapagod at kaka stress din naman talaga blogging minsan. so iba parin yung may personal touch. kaya ginawa kong photoblog sakin para pwede parin magpost ng personal things. para ma inspire naman.hehehe

ardee sean said...

@pusangkalye: wow, tanx naman po sa advice sir. pwede namang magtanx dba..hehe.. gusto ko din yung ganung photoblog. :P

Tugpak said...

ngeks. ititigil mo na pla ito heheh.