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Bangui Windmills Thru The Winds of Time

Bangui Windmills is a trademark located in the town of Bangui in the province of Ilocos Norte. It is the first power generating windmill farm in the country consisting of 15 wind turbines facing the South China Sea from where the wind blows towards the land and arranged in a single row spaced 326 meters apart. The gigantic windmills were built by the NorthWind Development Corporation to help reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming and to convert wind energy into electricity as an alternative source of energy which is then supplied to the whole of Ilocos Norte.

How To Get There

From Laoag, take the Laoag - Cagayan route towards Burgos. After reaching Burgos, watch out for the directional marker on the left side of the road that leads to the Bangui Bay. Follow the dirt road leading to the bay. Some wind mills will already be visible from this point then make a right turn to the bay. Travel time from Laoag will approximately be an hour and a half.

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