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Best iPhone 4 Apps for Photography

I have been exploring alot of iPhone apps lately but aside from doing my usual rounds -- answering emails, doing bank transactions, travelling with map locator and bus transit guides, converting currencies and having my own translator while listening to a good music, I have been interested on photography.

I was looking for the best iPhone 4 apps to maximize its features and here are the best iPhone 4 apps so far that I use:

What's cool with this app is it provides you a various selection of filters or design and also focuses or highlights the object you want to capture. Easy uploading of pictures and it is already integrated to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, Posterous and your own email of choice.

This is awesomeness. You can do a lot of quick editing on your pictures like doodle, cut or resize. If you got a portrait, you can also add some extra skin, lip, eyes and of course the hair. After that, you can choose a frame in a numerous selections or feast with unique sceneries for the final touch.

PS Express
A product of Adobe that lets you improve your pictures with basic editing -- crop, straighten, rotate, flip. Or you can try a different style -- exposure, saturation, tint, black and white, contrast and many other effects and borders. You can share to your friends on Facebook, Twitpic or your own Photoshop account.

You want to create a caption on whereever the place the photo is taken or make your own story line behind your photos? Labelbox have unique tapes that will do that instantly and would really pleased you.

...and they all come for FREE.. :)