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Going The Distance and Taking Chances

"This nation was built by men who took risks -
pioneers who were not afraid of the wilderness,
business men who were not afraid of failure,
scientists who were not afraid of the truth,
thinkers who were not afraid of progress,
dreamers who were not afraid of action."

~Brooks Atkinson
This is about a story a few months back when I gave up my job to pursue what I felt I needed to do.

Going The Distance
We all have our dreams. I have loads of them. And one is having to work outside my country -- Philippines.

I have always thought of working in a whole new environment - new place, new culture, new people, as in everything is all-new. Though a lot of my friends say how hard it is to be away from their loved ones just to seek for greener pastures and soon a better life. It was not new to me - I mean I have been used to living in the metro for a long time but still I managed to grow more closer and closer to them. It's really hard missing a lot of them -- their love and care, the joys and laughters, and everything about home plus of course, the food. I was just up to every possibilities on what is out there in the world. I guess, its all about the sacrifice and the dream.

Taking Chances
I have prepared myself from every tangible factors I needed for this bigger goal. But then came, the ramblings on my mind.

I have raised some questions on what it is that I have risk letting go of my current job. More importantly is my expense for day-to-day life, and also the obligations that needs to be attended to.

I have been asking myself these questions,

What if I don't find any job?

What if I go home empty-handed?

Would it be worth the risk?

But remembering the words one of my friends told me, "it's how bad you want it, so you really have to risk some things. And hey, if you'd gonna make it, the feeling would really be remarkable.".

I started to fight it. I am not gonna let that happen. And I am the type who wants to see the brighter side of things. On the first place, the reason I was leaving is more of the possibilities. And this time, more positive what ifs.

What if there's something out there for me?

What if this is the BIG BREAK I've been waiting for?

What if this would make me better? 

..besides, it was my dream.

They say if you never chase your dream, then you'll never gonna catch them. So I stood up and said to myself, I have already planned this. I will have to go. I want to do this now 'cause if I don't, I may never find the answers anymore. It was more of prepping my mind to all the positive views and I was so glad I have readied my feelings just in time before my resignation day. 

With all confidence and positivities, I dared to find the answers. Now, it's no dream no more, but reality.


Anonymous said...

Life is all about grabbing the opportunities and taking chances. Living it to the fullest. That way, we will not live with the "what-ifs" and the "If-only's"..

Follow your dream and make it real. Good luck! :)

Michael said...

Ardee, I'm here to give your cool blog a visit!

I had a hard time going thru ur archive, HINDI ako maka relate sa mga topic! Hahaha

Your blog is awesome!

Keep up the good work. I will constantly visit you now that I'm back in manila.

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Thanks ardee! Hope to see you soon!

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Michael said...

At may approval approval pa ha? Hahaha

Btw, I forgot to comment on ur blog's content.

Here's my comment: NO COMMENT.

Seriously, I totally like this part: "I dared to find the answers. Now, it's dream no more, but reality."

That's the spirit ardee! Totally support you all the way.

Show Me Your Look Today

ardee sean said...

@leah: tumpak! chuk! puk! pak! heheh ;)

ardee sean said...

@michael: woww.. its an honor sir to have you here.. :P thanks, i liked it when u say 'all the way' LOL :D