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Manila, Manila I hate coming back to Manila

Most Filipinos around the world might be familiar of the song that goes "Manila, Manila I keep coming back to Manila.." It emphasizes the Filipinos living in a foreign land and how it is to miss the country and loved ones while at far.

Here is the ode to the capital of the Philippines -- Manila from the Filipino band known as Hotdog.

But would it be the other way around like the title would suggest? Would it be nice if you heard someone who visited our country or even our fellow countrymen, saying Manila, Manila I hate coming back to Manila?

Because their experiences was not so good.

The airport taxi asks for more than what it is metered or worst, do transactions at a higher cost. We travel as cheap as possible but you spend a cost on taxicabs which is way higher than expected. Why need for extra cost, what's the use of meter.

Unsafe streets where robbery, snatching and other modus operandi are manifested. What's wrong with the bad guys roaming around the street. Oh rather, where are the supposed-to-be good guys doing in times like this.

Many vehicles plus traffic not just an hour but even more. The train is not that convenient. Thickly populated. Not well ventilated. We meant to travel and seek for the beautiful places there is, not to be stucked in the middle of EDSA and spend an amount of hours till we get where we suppose to go.

Manila is our waypoint to the world and the waypoint of the world to us. So whatever is up for them in this side of the world would definitely leave a mark that might lead to the impression of the Philippines as a whole.

Indeed, we all have our shortcomings. But we don't need to answer them like throwing back the bad impression against them. Rather to do the necessary to make things better.

And just recently, I went back home to the Philippines and pretty saw some changes. Better change. Queues for taxicabs have been strictly implemented all over the metro and even have an officer that issues taxi information sheet providing details for you to contact if there is any complaints. All taxicabs have already finished updating their taxi meter to issue official receipts. So, you can ask for it and use it in case taxi drivers ask you to pay for more.

There are task enforcers scattered over the streets to assure everyone's safety. Easy to approach and I think they're all giving their best effort to do their responsibilities.

There are designated areas to board or leave the bus along EDSA. Also people have been prevented to wait just anywhere but on the bus stops. This is because of the fences that was provided by MMDA. Though, I hope they make it sure that this will not easily collapse or whatever as I've heard to some others. Also they are making effort of integrating and expanding both MRT (Metrostar Express) and LRT (Manila Light Rail Transit). This would give way an organized and smooth travel for everyone.

Smoking ban in public places has also been implemented. Handing out penalties of 500 pesos ($11.50) to those who will not follow the said law.

Hope it's not just for now, but the beginning of a more better Philippines.

Sama-sama tayo sa daang matuwid. -PNoy


Anonymous said...

Nakakainis nga naman yung mga taxi drivers.. Hindi lahat pero meron tlgang iilan na nakakainit ng ulo.

May metro na nga, sisingilin ka pa ng additional fee. ngek! Anong silbe ng meter? Gancho pa tlga..

Naexperience ko rin yan dati sa Manila, nung magbakasyon ako. Ewan ko lang kung babalik ako ulet. hehe.. Depende.. kapag importante tlga, sige.. pero pag lakwatsa pa, dito na lang ako sa amin sa Iloilo. Mas okay dito sa probinsya.. :D

ardee sean said...

@leah: kahit nga Pinoy na nagbabalikbayan eh kelangan dumaan sa ganun. dapat lang talaga eh wag silang i-tolerate at sana lang wag ganun ang bungad nila sa mga foreigners.

sobrang tama na mas maganda nga sa probinsya. actually, yan din advice ko sa mga foreigner friends..

Anonymous said...

I love Manila (Metropolitan) only because of its rich cultural heritage and history. But the inhabitants itself is ruining its image. I only realized now that claire Danes was right when she said something awful about Manila. I think she said the place smelled of roaches with rats all over. Well she is just being true to herself. One more thing I dont like about the people is they just spit everywhere. Kadiri talaga as in. Hinde mga disiplinado kasi. So much pollution from cars, jeepneys, factories. hinde matugunan ng mga opisyales kasi nakatira lahat sila sa mga condo at my mga sariling sasakyan kaya di nila makita kung gaano ka dumi ang metro manaila.

Anonymous said...

Damn taxis! Wanted ko kill them f***ers!