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October 2011 This Month's Top Sites

Today, I am launching This Month's Top Sites, just a random stuff (I guess, wala kasing magawa at nairita ako sa tuwing bubuksan ang browser.. LOL).
As seen in the picture above, here are the list of the top sites I frequented for the month of October:

1. - I really like to see the headlines shown in their slider. It helps me a lot to pick what's the latest trend or what's the best to read about. I roam around from Yahoo US, UK, SG, Malaysia and of course PH.
2. - I usually bounce to CNNGo, their travel blog. I dunno why. LOL
3. - News. News. And more news.
4. - Where I discovered all the lovers.. paging kalye wan, kalye tu.. :D
5. - Of course, pag medyo tipid mode, abangers na lang sa promo.. haha
6. - I am just looking forward for the holidays, of course, we need to be prepared for all the celebrations.. lels..
7. - I want to be a translator. Actually, I also got this on my phone.
8. - I always wanted to check the places I want to go. (Baka kasi malipat sa mapa)
9. - I tweet more than I fb.
10. - When the Facebook timeline and other updates was still fresh, I was also fresh. LOL. I mean, I celebrated a new day of birth. :)
11. - When PGT season 3 was aired, i went all down to the site to watch em, only to find out that the FINALS would turn out to be so damn okay. (Haha) But I also watch Showtime and GGV.
12. - Tangkilikin ang sariling akin.


juanderfulpinoy said...

ok yung tangkilikin ang sariling akin ... apir ardee

ardee sean said...

@juanderfulpinoy: apir ;)

Michael said...

I was expecting to find Show Me Your Look Today or The Pinoy Wanderer! Haha!

Hey RD!

ardee sean said...

@michael: i think that would be for the month of November.. LMAO :))