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2011 Hard Rock To Rock Run Event at Penang

"I missed my runs."

Feeling athletic lang. lels

Seriously, I had my runs last 2010 and it was really cool to join such event together with my siblings. Well, it's not just about fun but being healthy. Like what experts say, we should have at least 150 minutes a week of exercises because this helps in reducing heart risk while it adds years to life.

I wasn't able to follow any events for the year 2011 since I was adjusting to my new environment. Not until my friend told me there will be an upcoming running event in their place. I was like asking her questions nonstop and finally I decided to join. She immediately registered me for the event.

This was my main reason why I went to Penang besides getting some fresh air. So as I've said earlier on my first day, we had hiking at Taman Negara for our preparation. Now, it's time to run.

Rock To Rock Run 2011 is a project to support local homes in need and a global fight against poverty and hunger. #imaginenohunger. The event was hosted by Hard Rock Hotel at Penang, Malaysia.

We arrived at the venue just in time along with more than a thousand runners who joined. We went straight ahead to the registration booth to confirm our attendance. And shortly after, we did our stretching exercises. I was looking around when I saw some runners who were in costumes and I thought was something different from the previous runs I had. I mean, how are they going to run with the costumes on. It would be so uncomfortable, right?

Weell, the reason behind is a rocking prize for the best dressed category aside from the top 10 runners. And also, it is supposed to be fun, hence the rock and roll costumes. And if I only knew then, I should have wore a costume too.

The run was a bit easy and funny on the way as these guys on costumes are playing jokes with each other. And FYI, I did not finish the race without giving a god damn fight. (Lalaban?!? hahah)

It took me about 30 minutes but enough to be listed as one of the first 500 runners entitled for a towel. LOL. Until the next run again.


thepinaysolobackpacker said...

Cool! so you get to run at Penang! It's one of my favorite desti in Malaysia. good food and majestic structures! :)

dong ho said...

it's fun seeing people come in wigs and costumes. makes photo shoot instantly fun.

Thirdy Lopez said...

Ansaya naman may top 500 towel ka!


ardee sean said...

@thepinaysolobackpacker: ms gael, to follow yung ibang pinuntahan namin.. love ko na rin penang.. :P

Michael said...

Yo RD, what's up? You got it going huh, keep it up! Take care always and have funnnn!

Good night! ☺

ardee sean said...

@dong ho: tomoh..

@thirdy lopez: thanks po..

ardee sean said...

@michael: yup, thanks mike.. :P