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The Thrill Ride To Penang Hill

I had pictures in my mind of Penang's train passing through hills and tunnels that will make me feel like I am in one of those Harry Potter films. I really want to experience that, so I asked my friend if she knows the place I was referring to and so we can pay a visit during my stay. That's when I heard about Penang Hill.

Ready for the jummppppp????!??

I got so excited when we rode the Penang railway going up to the hill. However, I wasn't able to have a nice view as the train was a bit crowded, the others were even left standing. I was thinking if it will be just fine, since the trail is elevated. Anyway, I really wanted to experience a thrilling ride so I had a chance when it was our time to go down. I was the first on queue for the next train and my friend just let me rushed to the front seat.

Here's a sequence of clips I took for you to see. Enjoy the ride.

I was like riding a roller coaster or some ride that was ready to drop... the feeling was so different when we were going down compared to when we were going up.

The ride took around 10 minutes and the tickets that were being sold depends if you are local, foreigner, adult or child. The tix we got was worth MYR30 for two-way. The operating hours for weekdays is 6:30AM - 8:00PM while 6:30AM - 9:00PM on weekends, public holidays and school holidays and this is subject to change by Penang Hill management.


jaki said...

open na pala siya ulet :)
when i went there last year, close pa sya for renovation hehe :))

ardee sean said...

@jaki: yup.. nasabi nga ng friend ko dun nagrenovate sila dati.. buti nasakto lang din..