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Breakfast Buffet at Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace Cebu houses a restaurant that will surely give a mouth watering experience that is Familia Restaurant. You can enjoy your plate with flavors of the world from Japanese to Western, or maybe Oriental for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not to forget, the desserts that is most famous. Ready to dine in?

Here are some of the pictures I took from the buffet you may want to try.

You can also try some of their menu which I opted. I had a Filipino Breakfast while my friend had an American Breakfast.

Also, the crew were so accommodating and friendly. Their service was great.

Familia Restaurant opens from 6 to 10AM for breakfast, 12 to 230PM for lunch and 6 to 10PM for dinner. 


Michael said...

Looks nice!

The Photoblogger said...

Their service is great, but damn, the service charge 0___0

pusang kalye said...

syempre gusto ko i-try to sa June kaso nabitin naman ako sa food pics.bat parang ITLOG lang hi-nighlight mo.alam na!lols

ardee sean said...

@Michael: thanks, b1.. :P

ardee sean said...

@The Photoblogger: true :P

ardee sean said...

@pusang kalye: ciempre kelangan highlighted ang breakfast.. :P