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Google Plus Profiles and White Spaces

There's more to explore in Google+, anyone?

I admit I barely had any activities on the internet giant's social networking service, Google+, after the great launch last quarter of the previous year. I only had a good first time using the Hangouts. After that, I though it was dead. Just this week, they gave a new face lift on Google+'s UI.

What's new?! Hhmmm... the Profile Cover. Well, it's new to them but definitely not to social networking giant, Facebook, which included this feature on their Facebook Timeline release.

And yes, what's for the white spaces, huh?!?

For Draw Something?! LOL Netizens quickly suggested their own ideas for the white spaces as shown in Mashable's article here.

Any feelings for this Google+'s updates?

1 comment:

♣ lily ♣ said...

I have google+ acct but I barely open it. LOL. I'm sticking with facebook pa din. :)