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Siem Reap: The Great Gate to Angkor

From Paris of the Orient to the capital of the Land of Khmers, our Asian Adventure continues towards the Great Gate of Angkor, Siem Reap.

We have departed at Phnom Penh before midnight via bus. After 5 hours of travel, we saw our hotel guide waiting for us on the bus stop bearing our name. It was seven in the morning when we were greeted with warmth at the hotel.

After early check-in, we took our breakfast and got ourselves excited riding the tuktuk going to the gates of Angkor. It was a precious moment for me because this is one of the places I wanted to go before I die, my big dream to see the stunning beauty of the Angkor Wat and I was like overwhelmed with this excitement.

Since I step on the temple grounds, I can't stop but awe with these magnificent Hindu temples listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I felt I was trapped between time during the 12th century when it was built. I was like in a scene of a Roman Greek inspired movies where the royals are arriving in their kingdom and the people showering them with flowers.

As I drew nearer and nearer to every details of the temples, I pictured how rich and glorious Khmer civilization was. That's what keep them unique and worth a visit from the world.

We had our breakfast and lunch around that area. There were a lot of locals especially kids who were approaching us and wanted us to buy their goodies. They really can speak good English but I also hear a lot of these words 'Same same but different'. Well, we enjoyed them there. If only we could buy all their goods.

After one whole day of visiting Angkor Wat, we went back to our hotel and relaxed for awhile. We ended our day with a nice dinner and Khmer massage.

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