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For The Love of the Kingdom of Siam

Wrapping up our travel to the Land of Khmers, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is really a timeless beauty. I am just so overwhelmed with the experience I got and I will definitely go back and have more time in that place.

We have already arranged a minivan going to our next destination at 1100 in the morning. We did not know there was a tuktuk waiting for us in our hotel. The tuktuk driver was outrage of the delay, while we were being transferred to another hostel. lol The minivan is stationed about 10 minutes away from our hotel. We were on the road at 1130 in the morning and the ride was really cool while we were listening to the local Khmer sound.

A view of Phra Sumen Fort from our Guesthouse

Now, we are really off to the place I have been wanting to see for quite a long time already - the Kingdom of Siam, or now known as Thailand.

After three hours, we arrived at the Cambodia - Thailand border in Poipet. Actually, I was not feeling comfortable in the place since I've heard from a Filipino and Japanese couple back in Siem Reap that there's a lot of things going on there and also, to what I have read about the place. Luckily, we found a goodhearted Thai guy who assisted us in the border. We went down the minivan and approached the immigration of Cambodia, which was in an open area that looks like a marketplace. I was so attentive still. We got our passport stamped and then we have to cross on that free soil they call by walking. About 5 to 10 minutes we reached the Thai immigration. Our group were finished after 30 minutes. We transferred to a different minivan for Thailand but before we went on full road trip, we took our lunch first. Along the way, I could not sleep so I just chatted with our new friends. It was a lovely sunset as we approached Bangkok, it's as if I'm gonna fall in love at first sight.

About dinner time when we arrived at Khaosan Road. A place where lots of tourist go for backpacking and where our minivan had his final stop. We did not book for accommodation this time, we thought it would be easy to just get a room around the place.

We passed by the streets with full of life. The decorations on the sidewalk was just so beautiful. There were a lot of foreigners and tourist passing by, others having good times while we check for an internet shop. Finally, found the shop but all accommodation seemed fully booked. I tried phoning a few until we got one, the place is about two streets away from Khaosan Road. So there we hop on a tuktuk and went straight to the address I just gave to the driver. The place was just what we needed. We checked in and when we were settled we went back to hunt for dinner and chill out before calling it a day.

The next day is about how we conquered the favorite attractions of the area as listed in our itinerary is The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Victory Monument.

More to come...


Jessica said...

cool...attractive sakin ung last photo.. very artistic pagkakagawa :)

ardee sean said...

@jessica: thanks jessica.. ;)