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Top 5 Females

I would just like to share to you the Top 5 Females on my list along with their own characteristics and their uniqueness.

1. BEYONCE KNOWLES. I like her not just because of her desirable appeal but simply -- love the way her music beats and love the way she sounds.

2. PARIS HILTON. Yes, the heiress. The face. The body.

3. ANGELINA JOLIE. She is totally and undeniably hot and sexy. But what made me more inspired is her becoming a goodwill ambasaddor.

4. Over the decades, she has always shining her stars out, letting us fall into her music. Then and again, she always proves to be the no. 1 and tops the charts. There's nothing more I could say but be amaze with the unbelievable voice of MARIAH CAREY.

5. BRITNEY SPEARS. She's out of control.

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