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The Lost Paradise


It was the beginning of a long vacation and I was lying in bed feeling well rested and I have just freed myself away from pressure and stress, away from work -- away from everything, just me. This is what they call a break, Whoooa!

Then I started thinking of what to do for the day but it seems I have nothing in mind until the nth time. All of a sudden, I was surprised when my phone received a text message coming from a friend saying, 'gusto mo mag out-of-town'.

Really now?
But how?

Text messages followed from time to time until we finally made our plans. I rushed and packed my things, little did I know, I was taking my long vacation real off the road together with my friends.

We were feeling so excited since we took our bus seats. We laugh out loud sharing good times. As we are about to have the time of our lives as we travel and explore the later to-be-called 'The Lost Paradise' - BICOLANDIA.

To be continued ...

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