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Signed. Sealed. Undelivered.

We have come accross for the first time and I knew I was into some emotions. I didn't know what that is, by then. All I could think of from that moment is that I saw a light and an angel coming down. And without hesitation I hoped -- you were the one who will give new meaning to my life. I did told you that, right. I was so happy. Finally, I saw the sign I've been waiting for years now. It was by chance, that we took part on each other's lives and it felt so differently. Now, I'll have someone to guide me, to comfort me. I have someone beside me thru everytime - be it good or bad. I became so true that it made me feel I was complete - at least for awhile. I was clueless it was just a borrowed time.

I was better off with you, I promise. There were many things I've dreamed of for us. I didn't have time to ask if you had too. But it doesn't really matter. I did love you for everything. No questions ask.

But why this? It was like an instant that you've gone another way apart from mine. I cried. I kept asking myself. Was there something wrong I've done? Why din't you told me if there was. What's the matter? Could we not make that up? I didn't know what to think. I am troubled. I faltered. I just wanna scream.

For days, I was nowhere to find. I was left alone in a dark room, wishful thinking. My world just stopped.

A sudden unexpected instance interfered. I had flashbacks from the past - all good times. There was no trace of bitterness. I stood strong and thought that it would never be reality. But thank you for the chance, it didn't matter how long we stayed together. As for me, its never to be forgotten coz it meant everything to me. As if the whole world was mine.

You were the only person who made me cry for the longest time. Yes, that's true. Until now, the pain is still here -- in mine but at least a few of it have subsided. I'm beginning to understand things clearly. Well that's life maybe. I figured out -- things doesn't seem to look the same to both of us. I don't wanna ask no more.

I have loved. And in the end, it was indeed entailed with good intentions. Too bad, it didn't work for us or just maybe you didn't have that feeling at all since the start.

Soon time will come ...


M A K R E said...

hala sino yan papa ardee? T__T

kangel said...

muntik na akong maiyak...akala ko kasi ako ang bibigyan mo ng letter na ito..Hahaha! Peace!

hehe...yung utang mong kwento.. andaya mo talaga.

isa na lang hindi na kita kukulitin...

sino ba talaga yan? tao ba yan? (hehe joke lang..) Haha!

thanks sa pagdalaw mo sa blog ko.

James said...

awesome post..

thanks for sharing this..

James said...

hahaha.. i read this already..


u got email?

ardee sean said...

meron me na lang here >> :D

Anonymous said...

waaah nagising ako sa article no ngaun ko lng nabasa inaantok kase ko.hhmmm....sino naman ang misteryosang katauhan na binabanggit mo hehehhee... sya ba si baby mo hehehehe....

Nakakatouch...di ko akalain ganyan ka ikaw ba yan????...

Bakit mo sya hinayaan dapat "lumaban ka" "nagpakita ka" di sya nawala sau.

hehehheeh go ardee..

bing beng =)

WWG said...

Hi, Good Blog !
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)

Eben a.k.a Watanuki said...

speechless ako nice post!

i wonder kung may konek ito dun sa last time na nagkausap tayo sa chat. hehe

sino nga ba yan ardee-san?